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Sciatica? anyone?

This pregnancy, sciatica is  killing me.  I am dragging my leg when I walk because that is the only thing that allows me to walk.  I am going swimming today.  Anyone try anything else that helps.



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Re: Sciatica? anyone?

  • Oh god I hate sciatica!!! It kills me!!! I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone!!!! I use icy hot on it to make it feel better....try that out i suppose.
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  • Getting on all fours moves the baby off of the nerve which does help temporarily.

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    I have this too.

     It really sucks when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee and between being half asleep and crippled by sciatic nerve pain...doesnt make for a happy camper :-(

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  • Yes - such a pain! I was walking across my front yard yesterday when the pain shot down my leg. I am sure I gave the people walking down the street a good laugh. I did a little jig and shouted. :)
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  • Yes, I've had really bad sciatica with this pregnancy, much worse than last time. I've had some relief with using my heating pad regularly and getting massages with concentration on the sciatic area.
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  • My sciatica keeps getting worse as the baby grows bigger.  It's to the point where it actually wakes me up at night, which is weird since you would think there's less pressure when I'm laying on my side.  I've reached a point where I have to sleep upright some nights just to get rid of the pain.

    Anyway, yoga poses like the child's pose and downward facing dog help me shift the baby off of the nerve and get some temporary relief.  The heating pad is also my savior when the pain is really bad. 

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  • Physical therapy.  I went from weeks 16 to 22 and had no back issues until about 2 weeks ago.  Started again this past week and feel better already.

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  • It's miserable, I agree! Sorry you're in pain. I've been really diligent about doing cat/cow (yoga) poses and this usually shifts LO off my nerve at least for a little while...
  • It's a pain in my a**, literally!!!   A couple weeks ago it affected my right butt/lower back area and now it's decided to move to my left side.  It's so annoying because I feel great otherwise, but when the sciatic kicks in I feel useless!!

    I've tried everything and the only thing that has helped is the chiropractor.  I actually get adjusted almost every week...but, it's worth it! 

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  • No sciatica...but I have had some crazy SI joint dysfunction.

    If you can try doing a piriformis stretch. Your sciatic nerve runs through your piriformis and many times stretching it can help. (You can youtube some stretches)

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