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Talk to me about spotting....

Light pink... freaking out and it's a holiday weekend. I haven't even met my Dr. Yet and Don't have an appt until Jun 14th. I'm freaking out

I'm 5 w and 3d

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Re: Talk to me about spotting....

  • We are due date buddies.  I have been having brown and occasionally very light pink spotting.  It could be many things and for me if DF and I are intimate then I spot pink.  I had a miscarriage in January and trust me it wasn't spotting! Always call your DR for piece of mind but if you have no cramps and it is light pink or brown relax drink extra water and keep your feet up.
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  • I had brown spotting (enough to wear a panty liner... but mostly just when I wiped) for 9 days starting at 5w 3d. Everything checked out fine and we saw a little hb at 5w 6d. From what I've read/heard it can be very normal. Just scary. Drink up and rest! Thinking of you!
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  • I've had  a lot of spotting w/ this pregnancy, its slowed down now, but weeks 4-5 it was daily. Def try to put your feet up and drink lots of water - dehydration can make it worse. FX that it stops soon and this is just your LO getting snuggled in tight for the long ride!
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  • Spotting is very normal, especially this early on. Relax, try not to stress out about it, and call your Dr on Tuesday to see if he wants you to come in. I'm sure your fine :)
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  • I had it through my entire last pregnancy.  Your cervix is really sensitive so it easily bleeds.  They told me not to worry unless I soaked through a pad in an hour. 
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