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Anyone have PMDD?

Since having DS my PMS has been wretched. I have at least a full week of no appetite, horrible headaches, extreme fatigue and moodswings like no ones business (actually I just mostly hate everything). I've actually gone to sleep with DS all this week at 8:00 (I usually stay awake for DH to get home at 10:30).I had been on BC before DS so I don't know if I'm just not used to "normal" PMS or if this is really something worse. It's really getting old though. My husband really thinks I hate him every couple weeks (oh, and my cycle is short so it really is every couple weeks). I just feel so imbalanced!

If there are any ladies out there familiar with PMDD that could pass along some advice I'm all ears.

Also, do things like Pamprin or Midol work?

Re: Anyone have PMDD?

  • I had PMDD prior to having kids, but I was also on BC. I took basically a low dose of Prozac and it made all the difference bi just toOk it 2 weeks prior to my period, nor every day. I would definitely talk to your OBGYN about it
  • I also had it before I had my son. Talk with your doc. Mine put me on a low dose of Zoloft a couple days before my cycle each month. (I was on bc so mine was 28 days apart,) I didn't want to take Zoloft but it made all the difference in the world for me and everyone around me!
  • Strangely enough, I did before I had Allie, very severe, but now it's completely gone, it never came back after she was born.  I was on Yaz for it though, it's the only birth control that treats PMDD, and for me it was a lifesaver.  It made my whole life completely normal, I was terrified of going off of it!  Highly recommended.
  • Mine is quite debilitating.  I don't like taking OC's, so I take Cymbalta.  It is amazing.

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    Yes, I had it prior to dd.  I took yaz and prozac.  While I was pregnant I was put on zoloft to help with my blood pressure (at one point it appeared my anxiety would cause it to spike)  Anyway been on the zoloft since the end of my pregnancy and the PMDD is more like PMS at this point...a hell of a lot better than it was before.  It truly would impact me for almost two weeks a month.
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  • You do not have to live like this! I don't know if I had full PMDD, but my mom had our OB put me on BCP at the age of 18 because I was miserable to live with. Call your OB on Tuesday to schedule an appointment. And, something to consider, if you are planning to have another child, short cycles could be a problem.

    Good luck, I hope things get better. PMS/PMDD suck.
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