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I've lost it....

my mind.  This morning I was trying to do something nice for DH's fathers day gift and take my LO to the park to take some cute pictures with wooden letters I got.  Super cute right, until my LO got ahold of my medicine bottle with the last dose of my antibiotic for my sinus infection in it.  I rember thinking I would remember where we left it because LO was throwing a fit and I didn't want to draw any more attention to it.  NOW...I can't find it anywhere.  I have looked everywhere.  I am not worried because it is in a child safe bottle but I want my last dose, I feel like crap.  UGH  anyone want to come over and find it for me.
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Re: I've lost it....

  • I really hope you find it!

    I also want to point out that there is no such thing as a child safe flames, I just felt like I needed to point that out.
  • yes I know there isnt but I am with him all the time and when/if he does happen upon it I will get it quickly, I dont make a habit of letting my baby play with medicine.... I just wanted to be clear that it wasn't in something he could easily get the pill out of
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  • I seriously wasn't judging or flaming you - I just thought I needed to point that out. I really hope you find the bottle Smile
  • Hope you find it, I had a dog eat tamiflu before (which was actually OK for the dog--but not me, the insurance wouldn't pay for it twice lol).

    Also, Peyton has opened child proof tylenol bottles Rx bottles, but she has opened things I never thought she could. 

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  • Ha! Well tonight I was standing in the movie store thinking it was Friday and then REALLY had to stop and try to figure out what night it really was. My mind was seriously blank, it was awful. I'm so friggin tired (see post above!)
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