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Depression during Pregnancy

Despite the fact that we have mass hormones, and fatigue plaging our bodies it is believed the pregnant women generally feel very fulfilled and happy. This is not the case for me. I have all the clinical symptoms of someone who is depressed and am lucky I am keeping up with my prenatal vitamins these days. Along with feeling blue, I have a very difficult time discussing my pregnancy with my family and freinds. I actually made my husband sware to secrecy as well. We didn't tell anyone until four months one week, when it became difficut to hide, and I feared upsetting my parents if i delayed it too much longer. After breaking the news, I had hoped I would feel better and some of the anxiety would alleviate. It didn't. I still don't like to talk about the pregnancy to anyone. It sounds pretty weird, I think it has to do with pride and my identity. I started a new blog in hopes that other women will visit it, and write down their experiences. PLEASE SHARE WITH ME.

I started a new blog about pregnancy and depression, and am inviting everyone to stop by and share, including some polls. http://pregnantdepression.wordpress.com/


Re: Depression during Pregnancy

  • I agree that Depression is an important topic. However, this qualifies as spam and its against TOS. Please feel free to join the boards and get to know us. We are open to helping people with all kinds of pregnancy related things. Please don't spam though. Its annoying. I'm sorry, I reported you.
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  • I had an issue with anxiety. The two can go together (depression and anxiety). It was horrible and really hard on my marriage. 

    6% of women get anxiety instead of depression and the whole thing is so misunderstood because both can start way before you have the baby.

    Get help now. Chances are it isn't going to lift. This time, if I have the same issue, I'm not going to nurse. I am going to go on medication.  


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