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How do you know when your water breaks?!

I have been experiencing a clear discharge for a few months now so I wear pantyliners everyday.  I heard that the water breaking could be very miniscule.  How would I know if my water broke or if I just thought it was normal discharge cleansing my body or if I peed myself?  Would I experience contractions too?  Or any other symptoms that come along with it?!Embarrassed

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Re: How do you know when your water breaks?!

  • if your water breaks all at once, it will be like a gallon of water, so you will know. if it is leaking, you will feel trickles of water that might feel like pee. My water was leaking, and it was like maybe a quarter cup at a time, but it kept happening so i knew it was my water. also, after your water breaks, there is no more cushion, so contraction are much more painful. it is possible for your water to break and you not have any contractions. I also had a good amount of clear discharge in my last few months, and i kept getting scared it was my water. If you think it's broken, go in, they will sample your discharge and tell you. Also, the babies head can act like a cork, when you are standing the head pushes down and closes off the cervix, so your water may not leak. when you lay down, the baby will float up and allow your water to gush all over the place.

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  • When my water broke it gushed like I had peed my pants. It really didn't have much of an odor to it either. I started having contractions about 20 min. after.


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  • I thought I peed my pants for a minute and then sat back down and when I stood up again a little more came out. I wasn't sure if I was peeing or if my water broke. However I put on a pad and it was soaked within about a half an hour and was positive it was broken. Everyone always said "you'll know" but I never had the gush. I did however realize it, it just took a little while.
  • *lurking* Mine trickled and at first I didn't know what was going on lol.

    I was getting my makeup on for college and all the sudden felt a few drips going down my leg (I was in my undies and not yet changed for the day). It was like getting out of the shower and the water dripping down.

    I just wiped it off at first and a few seconds later it happened again. I knew something was up so I sat down on the potty and went pee (thinking *maybe* she was squishing my bladder) but after peeing I felt a small gush that I knew was not me! Contractions started around 25 mins later.

  • I definitely didn't know. I thought I peed myself. I didn't have any contractions or anything. So much so that I didn't have DD until 2 days later. I didn't have any other leakage, extra liquid or anything. I definitely have a miracle baby I had a home birth (on accident) alone and it wasn't dry. 

    If you're not sure definitely go get it checked! 

  • When my water broke last time, I heard a little poping sound.  Then felt the liquid start coming out slowly.  I was in bed & got up to go to the bathroom.  I was only able to take a few steps before I made a big mess.  The contractions came on quickly after that.
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  • My water broke with both my kids. You will know if the membranes outright rupture! There will be no doubt. You will feel like you are peeing all over yourself and you can't stop it. When I would bend forward or bend down, it would gush out. I was surprised that the water kept coming until I delivered them. I guess it's because it constantly replenishes itself. Even if it's trickling, you will probably recognize that it's not a leak of urine or discharge. You can always bear down a tad and the water will come out quicker. 
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