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Varicose vein in my lady bits!? Anybody else? What to do!?

Okay, so I've discovered just in the past few days that I've got a varicose vein in my lady bits. It is very uncomfortable at the end of a work day and I realize that I am even walking funny. If you've had one before, what did you do for relief? Thanks!
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Re: Varicose vein in my lady bits!? Anybody else? What to do!?

  • You can see your lady bits?

  • image lil_shocker:

    You can see your lady bits?


    LOL. I was trying to see mine today, but no dice. Maybe she used a mirror to see why it hurt. 

    OP, I've read this is common. I'd ask my Dr. about it. 

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  • lol I have no clue what to do but needed to express how amazed I was you could still see your lady bits
  • Oh, I totally cannot see my lady bits. Had to use a mirror and as much contortion as I could stand, still I couldn't see them and had to use my camera to take a picture at a weird angle. You better believe I deleted that picture right after I took a look at it. I don't know if I'm ever going to feel good enough about my lady bits to get busy with my DH ever again!
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  • I wonder if you can use hemorrhoid cream at all? Your doctor would know. But boy oh boy that's an interesting story!

    My arms are too short and my belly too big for mirrors and camera taking. I'd have to ask my husband to look for me. The other night I had to ask him about hemorrhoids and that was embarrassing enough!

  • I think there is a sling or some sort of support thing you can wear. My friend had them horrible with her pg and wore something of that nature.

  • This is very common...all that pressure from baby, etc, is what causes it.

     There is a supporter you can buy, I think it's called The V Supporter by the company that makes the Prenatal Cradle.  It's kind of like a truss or jock strap for the vulva.  I've also heard of some wearing very thick maxi or incontinence pads in snug fitting underwear for extra compression, too.

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  • Its vulva varicous vein-painful and gross looking yes....but luckly it will go way down after you have your baby.

    I wear materity compression nylons and a support belt that helps quite a bit, I usually put my feet up and even use a cold compress on them when it gets really bad (if I don't wear my support hose and such they hurt extremly bad)

    I feel your pain! Talk to your doctor some insurances will even cover the cost of your support belt, mine did :-)

  • Yep - have them, too. My Doc recommended a maternity belt. I wear one when i am going to be walking for a while. It does help, but I hate having it on when I am sitting or driving.
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