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Solids question...

Are you ladies all starting out on a cereal of some sort?  Or is anyone jumping right to veggies?  I have tried the rice cereal with Madison and she makes a yuck face and starts spitting it out after she gets a good taste.

Re: Solids question...

  • mick64mick64
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    We're not starting solids until closer to 6 months, but I'm planning to start with avocados and then bananas. May do some other veggies too (squash) before introducing cereal.
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  • We started with rice cereal and DD hated it. I gave her apples instead and those went well. They next day I tried oatmeal and she hated that too, so I decided to just move on to fruits and veggies.
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  • I'll have LO try all the cereals first just to rule out any allergies, then move to veggies. We tried rice last night and he still has a major tongue thrust reflex so we'll wait another month maybe to try again.

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  • image Fergie+1:
    The pedi advised veggies first, then fruits. He's not a fan of cereals. I give DS rice cereal mized with fruit, though... started this before the pedi said veggies first. :

    My Pedi is the same way. He said cereal is just empty calories. He'd rather wait until 6mo or give if LO isn't sleeping through the night but said veggies were good to do. We've done Avocado, sweet potato, carrots, and peas oh yeah I forgot bananas too. I only do homemade stuff. We tried cereal with him( since he seemed hungry during the day since he thinks he's 5yrs old and only takes one nap during the day..lol Mostly because he sleeps 10hours at night) and he HATES both oatmeal and rice.

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  • We haven't started yet but I plan on skipping cereal/oatmeal and starting with sweet potato. Then probably bananas, pears, carrots and peas.
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  • We plan to simply skip cereal totally. I see no point. I mean, the entire goal was to avoid processed stuff, which is why I EBF... I would feel like all that would be ruined if we went to cereal before fruits and veggies!! But I'm just paranoid.
    Also, I don't plan to introduce anything besides breast milk until after 6 months... poor baby has food allergies :(


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  • I am waiting until atleast six months or when my baby says she's ready.  I read on the ADA (American Dietetic Association) website that they recommend starting meats first.  Since the baby's iron supply runs out around six months, meats are a great source of iron and iron is absorbed better from animal sources than plant sources.  I'm thinking I might just skip the rice cereal, it seems overprocessed to me.  If your baby doesn't like the cereal,  I wouldn't see a problem w/ skipping it and moving to veggies or meats, whatever you feel comfortable with.  You could try mixing it w/ something too.
  • I started my LO on solids about 2 weeks ago, because he met all the criteria

    * Doubled birth weight

    * Grabbed for food, interested in what you were eating

    * Could move tongue back and swallow if food in mouth

    I tried rice cereal, because that is what the doctor recommended.  However, he HATED the rice cereal.  He would make a face and spit it out and start crying after only 2-3 minutes of trying.  Not wanting to make eating from a spoon a bad experience for him, I would quit, and try again the next day.  I tried rice cereal everyday for a whole week, with no improvement.

    Finally, I ground up some green beans we were having with dinner one night (canned from the garden, so no extra preservatives or anything bad), just to see what he would do with them.  I added a little formula to dilute it and make it a runny consistency for him.  And he loved them!  Since then, I've bought Gerber Stage 1 for Supported Sitter baby food, and he loves them all.  Maybe not on the first night trying them, because it's a new taste, but he grows to like them after a couple days.

    So pretty much, we skipped the rice cereal stage as well.  Sometimes, babies  know best and will lead you as to what they want and are ready for.  Hope this helps! 

    ~Everett + Twins' Mommy
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