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Take that PCOS! *BFP*

I got my BFP on CD40! I had posted on Mondays FF Newbie Playdate, about no AF or BFP in sight on CD38, and asked what CD I approach my Dr. about provera. I knew to test once a week until then unless I got AF. Of course, I took this month off from temping, and wasn't even sure if I had O'd or not. I had tested on CD34, 2 days later than longer than my longest cycle and got a BFN, so I wasn't holding my breath.

On Wed, I asked FI to pick up a HPT on his way home from work, since AF had still not showed up. I ended up getting distracted on the phone and forgot FI had picked up the tests until I went into the bathroom later in the evening. I quickly POAS and the first line showed up right away and super dark. My inital thought was, why is the control line so dark (duh) and it hit me, that's not the control line, that's a BFP!! After jumping up and down and doing my happy dance in the bathroom, I was too excited to wait to tell FI.

 I wish I had a cute story to tell you girls about me telling him, but I was too excited to come up with anything original. He was outside cutting grass, so I waved him in. I told him that something happened in the bathroom that I wanted him to see. He walked into the bathroom, looked at the sink and said "Is this stupid thing clogged again?" he saw the pee stick on the vanity and said "Oh, you peed on a stick? You know, I think there's something wrong with this drain!" He looked back and forth between the sink and the pee stick and said "So two lines means your pregnant right?" I'm like, yep!" and he's like "We really should change this sink....but there's two lines there!? That mean's your pregnant!!!" It was really cute.

Symptoms: Honestly, nothing that I was 'expecting'. I have been fighting a cold for well over a week and had chalked all my 'symptoms' up to side effects of the cold. Body aches, fever and sore lower back. Twinges and mild cramps, but nothing that tipped me off.

What we did this cycle: The only thing that we did different this cycle was BD EOD during my fertile window. I've always had the mindset that the more BD we did, the better the chances. However, after I was told I was O'ing within 24 hours during my u/s last cyle we changed our outlook. I had put way too much hope into the comment "Perfect little ovaries with Perfect little eggs" from the dr. and was dissapointed when AF showed up like clockwork last cycle.. My Dr. told me to relax (HA!) and try BD EOD at my last appointment to go over the u/s results.  Like other cycles, I drank green tea, took folic acid, B6, and vit D.

I really wanted to Thank You all for the info, experiences, snark and even those hilarious PIP's you share with so many of us newbies on the board. I really do appreciate the effort so many of you ladies put into this board took make it such  great outlet for those TTC. I also hope me posting my BFP gives all you ladies suffering from PCOS and late O'ers out there some hope, that we too can get our BFP.

My GP was able to fit me in yesterday, and my EDD is January 20, 2012, until I have my first u/s to confirm dating. I'm going to shuffle over to the January month board and First Tri and hope I  get to see you ladies over there soon!


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