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XP: Lily's Birth story

Monday May 16th12pm - started having mildcontractions at work that lasted till 7pmTuesday May 17th, 20111:30am - woke up withcontractions till 4amall day had randomcontractions but nothing timeable3:30pm- getting my haircolored and cut because I feared this could be it even though I was so earlystarted having regular contractions till about 9pm9pm - DH came home andstarted timing, coming every 6-8 minutes lasting 40 seconds but not gettingworse.  My Mom started driving from her house to ours, it's a 2hour drive10:45pm- went to bed b/cscared it was false labor.  contractions stopped, my Mom got our houseabout 11pm and I told her to go to bed, that I felt it was all in my head.Wednesday May 18th, 20111:30am- woke up fromcontractions, started hurting a lot worse. Woke DH up after 45 min of"silent suffering". Timed contractions for 30 min and sat on exerciseball.. Started shaking.. Went from 5 min apart to 3 min apart. DH woke up MyMom and called his Mom to come over to watch DS 2:45am- left house to goto hospital3:15am- arrival tohospital, Nurse called me an active patient and I was the only one intriage. 3:51am--3 to 4 cm, 70%effaced. 4:06am-started IV,confirmed labor start, admitted4:42am- 6-7 cm, 90%effaced, My sister arrived in lobby, she had left her house, again a 2 hourdrive when we left to go to the hospital 5:20am- epidural =HEAVEN!!! 7-8cm with buldging bag of water5:50am- still 7-8 cm, -2station7:55am- midwife came andbroke water8:55am- contractions everytwo minutes and lasting for a minute each. Urge to push/LOTS of pressure9:02am- 8.5 cm, 0 station9:20am ? asked forepidural the be checked because feeling pain, pressure andcontractions.  Midwife checked and was 9.5cm with cervical lip,she lifted and had me push with 2 contractions.  A lot of pain andpressure, next 3 pushes baby?s head came out, next contraction and 2 pusheslater...9:27am - LILIAN WAS BORN!!!

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