3rd Trimester

Using music? What's on your playlist?

I'm not one of those ladies who is gung-ho about having music playing during labor. If it's distracting to the doctors, or if we accidentally run out of the house without the iPod, then so be it.

BUT... I have started playing soothing music (my opinion of soothing) and hope DD comes to us recognizing, and being soothed by music.

Do any 2nd time around moms have experience using music? If so, what was your experience?

Also, what songs are you adding to your playlist? I've got some classical (Bach and Vivaldi) as well as some others (Somewhere Over The Rainbow by IZ, Wonderful World by L. Armstrong, some Michael Buble, etc.). Was also thinking about some international music (Peruvian, Native American, etc.). 

Bria - Born 7/20/2011 - 2 yrs old

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Re: Using music? What's on your playlist?

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