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Home with a cold.

Well, it happened. I've got a cold. I usually get good and sick twice a year, and since being pregnant I have been amazingly healthy, and loving it. But this past weekend I flew up to OH for my 1st baby shower, and since then have been going, going, going. I think the last of rest pushed my body to the limit and now I'm home with a cold.

Just picked up a zpac called in by my dr. And now here I sit, trying to rest (and listening to Adele). There's so much to do that I am having a hard time sitting still!

So, how are you ladies today? I'm bored! I may have to take something to pass out for a while, otherwise I'm gonna start doing chores (SO forbid me to do any chores today. "SLEEP AND REST", he said. psh... yeah right). 

Bria - Born 7/20/2011 - 2 yrs old

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Re: Home with a cold.

  • Im at home with a cold too. My throat has never felt so raw and my head is congested. I wish I could sleep and rest but tomorrow is moving day. So much to do-so little time! 
  • I feel ya -- we're moving before DD arrives too.

    So far today I have

    -packed 2 boxes

    -packed some of our hospital bag

    -researched online where we can return some of these unwanted baby clothes (we have rec'd too many!)

    -began building DD's playlist of music (pre-birth, during birth, post-birth)

    And have not slept. Haha, I need to lay down...

    Good luck with moving tmw! 

    Bria - Born 7/20/2011 - 2 yrs old

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  • Woohoo I am at home with a cold too!!! However listen to the doctors! Rest I ended up in L&D yesterday due to my lovely lil cold. But I get it too I have already did 3 loads of laundry and plan to stop and pick up a couple must need items for LO that we dont have. My brother in law comes to visit tomorrow for the weekend (A 20yr old marine on leave yay me!) So I have food to buy and a home to pick up and I am 36w along lol 
  • I'm paranoid about getting a cold.  My DD keeps running around in summer clothes (it feels like winter here) and I noticed this morning she has started to cough a bit Tongue Tied I told FI this morning that if she gets sick, I'm going to quarantine her because I do NOT want to have a cold while I'm in labour...with 2 weeks to go I have my fingers crossed no one gets sick in my house.
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