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what is your 18 month old doing/saying these days?

It's so exciting to see my son learn new words and numbers everyday.  He loves to "read" his books to himself. 

I wish the eye/canine teeth weren't so painful, however.  Other than that, he won't eat any kind of vegetable and has not eaten full meals lately.  I guess this is a stage?


What is your 18 month old up lately?

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Re: what is your 18 month old doing/saying these days?

  • Vine07Vine07
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    I love when they "read" to is so cute! DD loves doing this and having "conversations" with people on the phone. She is beginning to repeat a lot of words although not clearfly; just beginning sounds.

    As far as eating...holy moly! Lets just say she is not eating much at all...she is currently working on a molar and it's hell!

    Other than that; she is testing me big time lately. Daily tantrums are expected!

    But all in all I am loving this independence and watching her run all around!!

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  • She has about 60 words and is coming up with more concept words, like "back" (put it back), which is neat.  She says a couple of 2 word phrases like "Yay Daddy" when he's running in a race, "Hi Daddy" and "Down Lady" (to the dog when she's counter surfing).  She loves to read books, do her puzzles, knows all of her body parts, even obscure ones like elbow, and can make the sounds for maybe 15 animals.  She repeats everything we say and is carrying her baby around with her everywhere.  She loves to sing and dance and play in water.

    As far as stages, she's really whiny, mean to her daddy all the time (which breaks his heart, he's with her more than I am and is much more of a kid person than I am), very sensitive, and she hasn't gotten more picky with eating - still eats everything in sight - though she is really leaning out.

    She is still not independent and is completely obsessed with me.  I have to be playing with her every waking minute - most of the time she is in my lap, and I'm convinced that she'll be 18 years old and still saying "Mama, up" to hold her constantly.  She's going to be very jealous of the new baby!

  • Emma is a lil tape recorder. She can name us in the family. She says "Isla" so much that her classmates in daycare all say "Isla" when I bring the baby in the room to get Emma and go home. She will say 'bath', 'water', 'milk', 'eat', 'cracker', 'cookie', 'hug', 'get down', 'open this', 'up please', 'more please' (with signing), 'what's this', 'what's that', 'shoes', 'sock', 'ewww' (with squinty face), she can answer yes/no questions and when you ask her "Where's pretty?" she points to herself.

    She's cutting her left side molars and is more than uninterested in food. She is content with milk or water for now, maybe a snack but no big meals at the moment.

  • He's talking up a storm, and is really developing a personality. He can say and point out most of his body parts, knows most of his animal names/sounds, usually gets his colors right (though sometimes mixes them up), is just starting to 'sing' ( he can sing abcdefg and the rest is mumbles, lol) but he tries to sing along with other songs. He can kind of count, ( he fills in about half of them, and claps after #10!). Hes starting to be silly and realize it which is cute.

    The temper tantrums are killing me though- he loses it at the drop of a hat and there is NO reasoning with him once he gets past that point! SO frusterating.

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  • He reads and talks a lot.  I can't believe how big his vocabulary has gotten!  We've also been teaching him silly toddler tricks.  If you say "Gunshow!" he shows off his muscles.  Also, (started by his uncle), if you say "Spring break Cancun!" he lifts his shirt and cheers.  I don't care how inappropriate it might be or one day be but right now it's soooo hilarious and cute.  Oh and he dances like, all the time.  Even with no music. 
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  • My DS also loves to read to himself, he actually usually prefers it over me reading to him. It's precious. In the mornings he loves to come and sit in my lap and share my cereal with me.

    He makes me laugh every day and I always wonder when I'm going to stop being competely overwhelmingly enamored with him! I love seeing new bits of his personality come out every day and am always amazed at how intelligent he is. The things he picks up on are amazing.

    His favorite meal is breakfast and he chows like a champion. Lunch and dinner usually aren't huge for him. He does a pretty good job at eating whatever we're having-including veggies thankfully- and actually loves salad. He actually picked that over spaghetti the other day!

    We're also cutting canine's and I'm more than ready for them to be over. It's jacking up our night time schedule big time!!! I don't think DS has gone to bed before 9:00 this entire week!!!

    I love this age though! He's just such a joy (nevermind the huge long vent I just posted!Stick out tongue)

  • VINE07-Just wanted to say that we share similar experiences.  I too am a mother of a preemie.  She was born on 11/24/09 at 33 weeks, 4 days.  She weighed 3lbs 13oz and was 17 1/4" long.  She was also IUGR.  But was born via emergency c-section after her heart rate dropped twice :(  It's comforting to know that preemie mommies aren't alone!
  • She's learning new words all the time. Her newest is "careful" which is pronounced "foo-ful" lol.

    We're getting into a very bratty stage though. She throws tantrums all the time. I'm really trying to work on getting them to stop, but alas, she's a toddler. I think it just comes with the territory. 

    She's started this thing where she puts her arms back and runs around the house yelling. It's hilarious!


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