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Shot Day =(

My DD has her 2 month checkup today... so I wanted to know if you guys give infant tylenol before you go to the doctor, or wait until after the shots?!

Im a nervous wreck!!!

Re: Shot Day =(

  • I wouldn't give it unless it is needed so I'd wait. DD didn't get a fever for me until the next day. Also, infant Tylenol was recalled so we used the generic acetemenephine (or how ever you spell it!) gl!
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  • We don't give it at all unless a fever over 101 happens, per our pedi.  Tylenol can  make the vaccines less effective, a slight fever is actually a good thing.  We've never had any issues with not giving it to them, neither of them have ever run anything but the slightest of fever.  They're a little more sleepy, sometimes a little cranky, but nothing ever major.  Don't worry, it's usually worse on you than it is on them, she'll cry but will probably be just fine once you pick her up and love on her!
  • I waited until he was around 100 degrees which was about 6 hours later and gave him one dose. That seemed to be fine and he was cooler every time I checked him and he was normal in the morning. The shots weren't as bad as i was expecting, maybe it is because he has acid reflux and there have been times when nothing I could do seemed to soothe him, but for the shots he only cried only for a couple seconds after the shots and then he was back to being content to check out everything in the room. I think it was much harder on DH and I than him. He seemed most upset about his legs being held down since he is such a kicker. He even lapped up the rotovirus oral vaccine when she said some breastfeed babies reject it. Overall I think he was more sleepy than fussy following the shots.
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  • Our pediatrician said Tylenol is no longer used before or immediately following shots since it can interfere with the effectiveness.  This was a change from just a few years ago as my 3 year old did receive Tylenol beforehand!
  • I waited until after just in case she did not need them. She ended up being fine and not needing any.
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