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Hello ladies! I just turned 35 this month and DH and I have been trying since our wedding - last August - to get pregnant...unsuccessfully (goes without saying!)

A little about DH and I - together since August '05, he's 28 (turning 29 in Sept). I am a high school teacher and DH just finished his first year of the 'back to school' decision (a 2 year program in Elec. Engineering). We are excited about becoming parents and welcoming what we hope will be the first grandchild in DH`s family!

It`s been a rough year for me, watching friends, coworkers and yes, even a few students, get pregnant...but hopefully our time will come soon!

I just decided to take some time to check out thebump and was happy to find this board! I look forward to getting to know you ladies!

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  • Welcome to the board!
    BFP on IVF #2 6/29/2012. Beta #1 7/3 = 522; Beta #2 = 1180; Beta #3 = 6491 image BabyFruit Ticker
  • Welcome! I hope you'll find some comfort and solid advice from all the great ladies here. Best of luck!

  • Welcome to the board - hope your stay here is short and you get to move on to PG after 35 soon!
    Me: 41, DH 43 TTC #1 since 8/09 CP 10/09.
    3/11 Clomid-Ovidrel-IUI #1-progesterone= BFN.
    5/11 Femara-Bravelle-Ovidrel-IUI#2-progesterone=BFN.
    6/11 Femara-Ovidrel-IUI#3-progesterone=BFP!
    Beta #1 7/1: 39. Beta #2 7/5: 301 U/S 7/19 - saw HB!!
    EDD 3/12/12
    DD born 3/5/12
    Baby #2 Beta #1 12/16: 439.  Beta #2 12/18: 1240
    EDD 8/22/15

  • I am new also....but this is a wonderful place to come and bounce off ideas and find out the real truth behind TTC.    I am 36 and trying!  it is not an easy road....but I wish you the best of luck.
    TTC 4 years Husband-50 Me-36 'UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY" 6/15/11-period started 6/16/11-us showing 23 antral follicles 6/17-6/21-clomid 50 mg 6/23/11-follistim inj (150 mg) 6/26/11-US (3 follicles 26, 26, 19) estradiol 1100 OVIDREL TRIGGER AT 7 PM 6/27/11 IUI #1 (60 million sperm post wash) 6/28/11 IUI #2 (60 million sperm post wash) 7/5/11-progesterone level 7/12/11- first day I can do pregnancy test
  • Welcome & good luck
    TTC since Oct 2008 Me =43, DH =45 Dx = Intermittant Ovarian Failure, High FSH, DOR Pursuing DE since Oct 2010 PAIF/SAIF welcome. DE IVF 12/10/11, we transferred 2 embryos on day 3, 1 grade A 8 cell and 1 grade A 4 cell. 1st Beta = 890 on 12/23/11. 2nd beta = 10,967 on 12/28/11. 1st U/S 1/11/12 TWINS! Both with 139 hb.

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  • Welcome to the group and I hope your stay here is short.  Do you chart or use Fertility Friend?  If not, check out the website and see if it will help you in any way.  You can click on any of our signature links.

     Best of luck!

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