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We are going to tackle the paci removal this weekend. Any tricks or ideas to try,a dn any adivce on how hard it may actually be so I cna brace myself.

 We have already limited it to the car and the bed, but I find him now putting everything in mis mouth (where ne did not really do this before) and wanting it more, now that we have limited where he can actually have it.

Re: Paci?


     I haven't tried this - DD still uses a paci.  Some people have used this method and LOVE it - others say it didn't work.

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    We just did it this weekend. DS has only been using it in is crib. The first night he searched for it frantically in his crib, but he settled down and fell asleep in 30 minutes. The second night was longer but he wasn't looking for it, just having a hard time settling down. The third night was fine. I was worried about naps being an issue, but those went alright as well. Just hang in there and you'll all get through it.
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