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Well, my husband has his SA scheduled for Thursday afternoon... and I'm nervous about the results.  DH did a lot of bad things up until he turned 28... and I'm worried that all of that carefree living caused some permanent damage.  I'm also worried that I'm going to be angry at him if his SA yields negative results. 

Has anyone else gone through similar circumstances?  If so, how did you handle it all?

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Re: ~~* Sperm *~~

  • I was so worried I was going to be the broken one I didn't think much about Hubby having any issues.  When it turned out he has a motility issue I was sad and worried but not angry.  He now religiously takes his vitamins and suppliments. But the low motility means our best chance of success is by IUI. 

    There are some things that can help with sperm issues. I would try not to worry too much. As for the being angry, I guess for me it would be hard to be angry at hubby when I also have some issues as well.  Hubby kicks himself enough over the sperm issues without me adding to it.  Maybe just keep in mind that you both want this badly and it will be just as painful for him if his sperm is messed up? 

     However you cope with it, we will be here cheering you forward in the process to conceive. 

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  • I was also worried about my SO because he likes to smoke the "MJ" every once in a while and he likes his beer/drinks. In fact, I was getting on him before we had the semen analysis because I thought his bad habits were affecting us. Lo and behold, he has crazy high quantity of sperm, and 80% motility, etc. etc. He is a perfect specimen. Taught me a thing or two about nagging...even the OB gave me a high five and just said "keep him happy." So, I really don't know how much past bad habits influence the sperm count - I wouldn't worry too much. Besides, if there is an issue, I think sperm is a bit easier to deal with than egg quality.

    Good luck to you and try not to get too stressed. The first sperm analysis is already pretty stressful on them. 

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  • mkwtmkwt
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    I don't think I would worry too much.  My DH has had done some really bad things up until about 2 years ago, and we actually got pregnant so I know it was not him. 
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