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As a mom, I'm always worried about DD's nutrition.  Daycare doesn't feed them the healthiest options, so I try to make sure she eats really well at home.  I was thinking about this the other day and thought about what I remember eating for breakfast as a kid.  Obviously, my memories are from being older than DD is now, but I ate pretty craptastically and turned out okay.  I need  to remember this when I feel like freaking out about her food again.

Tell me what you remember eating for breakfast.

I usually had either:

Rice Krispies with 1% Milk and several spoonfulls of sugar or a PopTart. 

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Re: Breakfast Poll

  • naflmjnaflmj
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    Some type of sugary cereal or a pop I choose a healthy option any day so I don't think it messed me up too bad. However, we don't plan to have those options in our house for DS.
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  • Lucky Charms


    Cocoa Puffs

    Rice Crispy's with banana

    Captain Crunch

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  • Mostly whole grain cereal or oatmeal. My mom rarely bought junk food and only bought the sugary cereal when we requested it for our bday breakfasts. 
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  • I've always been a fan of cereal for breakfast, and we always had a mix of healthy cereals and sugary cereals.  On the weekends, we had eggo waffles with syrup or powdered sugar or those instant mix muffins or toaster streudels. 

    Ds eats cereal and milk, and he usually wants what I'm having, so it's often hit or miss in terms of healthiness...sometimes it's plain chex or kix or cheerios, sometimes it's cinnamon chex or lucky charms or fruit loops.  He also has 1/2 to a whole nutrigrain bar.  He won't really eat anything else for breakfast, no eggs, toast, bagels, etc. so I stopped worrying about it.


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  • we had cereal during the week and toast with real butter and honey (or nutella or jelly), pancakes, french toast, etc on weekends. we never got sugary cereals bc we would fight over the "prize" inside.

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  • image naybride04:
    Mostly whole grain cereal or oatmeal. My mom rarely bought junk food and only bought the sugary cereal when we requested it for our bday breakfasts. 
    Yeah, we didn't have the sugary cereals as a matter of course either. If we weren't eating healthy cereal, it was eggs and toast or pancakes or French toast. There was usually fruit involved as well.
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  • pizza for breakfast my sister and i used to take a frozen pizza and make it in the morning then eat part for breakfast and part for lunch.  We also did granola bars and on the weekends we had hashbrowns bacon and toast.
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  • grade school staples - Eggo's, frozen fench toast, cap'n crunch, rice krispies, raisin bran, golden grahams....and of course my favorite...fruity pebbles! ( I can't believe what garbage this stuff is, but oh I loved it as a kid!) FWIW I am and always have been a really thin person and my bro's are really thin too, so regardless of our childhood unhealthy eating, we all turned out as healthy eaters. That said, I wouldn't buy any of those crappy cereals at this age for my twins except rice krispies.
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  • Usually cereal or poptarts. But often pancakes and bacon on the weekends.

    The kids usually eat yogurt, fruit or toast. I, other the other hand, usually eat a poptart at work and sugary cereals are still my weakness when it comes to snacking! Embarrassed


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  • My mom stayed home with us 'till I was in 2nd grade.  We did have some cereals for sure but we also had pancakes, eggs, breakfast meats, waffles, oatmeal, cream of wheat and stuff like that mostly.  I make a sit down breakfast for my family every day but there are days when I make cinnamon rolls :-)  I don't stress about it. 
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  • LSzwayaLSzwaya
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    image naybride04:
    Mostly whole grain cereal or oatmeal. My mom rarely bought junk food and only bought the sugary cereal when we requested it for our bday breakfasts. 


    This. My dad was a total health freak bc of his blood pressure. So we had one bag of chips and a "treat" cereal each week and when that was're SOL.  

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  • llc730llc730
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    This is going to sound a little crazy but my parents had a 10g or less sugar rule for cereal. I remember going shopping with my mom when I was little and asking if I could have something. The first thing she would always ask was how much sugar. We got donuts, french toast, or pancakes occasionally on the weekends as a treat. Looking back on this I am grateful because now I honestly don't even like pop tarts and sugary cereals.
  • I was raised on sugary cereals.  Now, I still eat cereal, just the more healthy ones.
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  • Nothing, McDonald's/Burger King/Hardee's, PopTart, Little Debbie......on special occasions or when we stayed at my grandparent's we had grits, eggs, bacon and toast - Mmmmmm.

    I do make sure to feed DS healthy. I had a horible diet as a child and I've always struggled with my weight. DH's family is very overweight and I think it's very important for him to have a very healthy diet. He eats great and prefered my salad and asparagus last night to his PB&J (we had steak, rare and I didn't have any leftovers to feed him).

  • During the week we almost always had cereal; when we were much younger, it was Cheerios or Rice Krispies, but as we got older my mom started caving into our demands for sugary cereals like Lucky Charms, Honeycomb, or Golden Grahams. She drew the line at Fruity Pebbles, though, so I only ever had that at my best friend's house. 

    On Sundays my dad always made brunch (and still does), either pancakes and sausage, waffles, French toast, eggs and bacon, or dried beef (which I loved then but wouldn't touch today). Occasionally we'd have leftover pancakes or waffles during the week, or Cream of Wheat on cold winter mornings.

    In high school bagels were the craze so that's what I had then. Plus I was always late and they were easy to eat in the car.

    Most mornings my girls have oatmeal with mashed banana, or homemade pancakes or waffles with applesauce.

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  • My mom cooked most mornings, so I had eggs, toast, bacon/sausage etc.  On the mornings she didn't cook, I had sugary oatmeal.  I don't think I had pop tarts until I was in middle/high school.  I'm still not a fan of pop tarts.  My mom would also buy the frozen waffles/pancakes.  When my parents were together, my dad usually just had coffee for breakfast. 

    Most of the time I try to cook breakfast when LO is home, but he has to have a banana when he comes downstairs.  As soon as he hits the kitchen he starts reaching for bananas. 

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  • Up until about 6th grade I ate cereal (mostly cold, occasionally oatmeal), sometimes with fresh fruit cut into it.  After that, I pretty much dropped breakfast altogether.

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  • image Vuja_de:

    Lucky Charms


    Cocoa Puffs

    Rice Crispy's with banana

    Captain Crunch

    I had the same, but I am one of those weird ones that eats leftovers like pizza or plain spag. (minus the sauce)

  • We had cereals that were sweet but not over the top-- we often had honey nut cheerios, kicks, chex, and occasionally coco puffs or apple jacks. We also did toast, bagels, nutrigrain bars, if mom had time she would do eggs. The worst thing I can remember eating was these corn-dog like things that were a sausage link w/ a pancake wrapped around it--eww gross! My mom did these more once I was in high-school b/c she could literally hand it to me as I was running out the door to my car and eat it while was better than nothing.

    DS eats similiarly-- dry cereal (honey nut cheerios, honey nut chex, apple cinnamon cheerios), nutrigrain bars, bagels, frozen waffles/pancakes, toast, eggs w/ cheese, fruit.

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