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if you are a teacher please help!

I have to buy 12 gifts (my kids have 6 teachers each) but 3 of them have to knock their socks off because my daughter had two special teachers and my son had one.  They are all great but those 3 were like life defining great and I'm really grateful.

What can I get that will knock their socks off?  As teachers, what's your favorite gift? 


Re: if you are a teacher please help!

  • VISA gift cards are really nice!
  • Gift cards are always wonderful.  Especially if the card is for my favorite restaurant because it shows the kids really paid attention and learned about me.  The best gift I ever got was a school bag with our school logo on it filled with books specifically chosen for my classes.  

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  • I'm not a teacher but my mom, aunts, and grandma are. Also my DH is as well.

    They all HATE things with apples on them and LOVE gift cards.

    My DH's loves even getting those $5 gift cards from Starbucks!

    I'd get the 9 a $5 gift card and then the 3 great ones maybe a higher amount gift card!?

    itunes is always a good gift card for the younger teacher. My mom would have no idea what to do with it though! Ha!  

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  • Ditto gift cards.  I know they don't seem exciting but they are always the most appreciated!  Anywhere universal, like Starbucks, Target, local grocery store, Borders/B+N... or just a Visa one works too!
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  • lbi21lbi21
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    Gift cards to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts are always my favorites to get.  THose would be good for the teachers in general, but for the ones who were super specail to your children, I would go a gift card to a nicer store in your areas, Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales or Lord and Taylors maybe?  

    Another really nice gift would be to include Godiva chocolates or you could do one of those LL Bean canvas beach bags and fill them up with good beach treats new towels, sunsceen, maybe even a pedicure gift certificate!  

    As a teacher I know these would make me smile, but in general just letting them know how much of an impact they made will also do the trick! 

  • Well my favorite gift is booze, which I have gotten twice.  Not sure if you want to go in that direction, but if you do I suggest you drop it off in the main office and out it in a gift-wrapped box.

    One thing you could do for all three is a gift basket of supplies.  Most of us have to pay out of pocket now for dry erase markers, staplers, etc.  Arranging it in a gift basket would be really cute and you know it would be something they would use.

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  • Gift cards are always appreciated. I also really appreciated a gift of books for my classroom and a personalized stamp that said "This book belongs to Mrs. Gingercupcake's library") I use that stamp in all of my personal books. (no it doesn't say gingercupcake but you get the idea). I'm sure you could find those stamps on Etsy.

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  • Gift cards are so boring.  Are you sure you guys like them? 

    I love giving booze but I don't know what they drink and I would raise an eyebrow if my kids did, lol.  I drink vodka so if someone gave me scotch I wouldn;t get to enjoy it.

    I LOVE the idea of beach bag goodies.

    So far for the 9 teachers I have $5 gift card and a $10 staples card.  That leaves me with $115 for the other two if I want to stick to my budget.

    Thanks for all the ideas

  • DH and I are (were) both teachers. DH's favorite gifts were gc's to Starbucks, and quite a few times they were tucked inside of travel mugs - he takes his to school everyday, and the kids always noticed when they were starting to get old. He also got a few to Best Buy because his kids knew he was really into music and movies, so those gifts felt personal to him. I always loved gc's to Barnes and Noble (or whatever your local bookstore is).

    Also, a note from you or your kids letting them know how much you appreciate them. I have a box of notes/cards/pictures from students and parents that I really cherish. Hearing what a difference I made to a child and their family was an awesome pick-me-up when I was worn out at the end of a long school year.

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  • I have never received a gift card.  Once in awhile, I get random gifts, such as candle holders, or frames.  My favorite gifts are homemade goodies and thank you notes.  I, too, have a box of them that I look at quite often. 
  • I agree with the PPs - gift cards are the best!  Starbucks, B&N, Amazon, restaurants - anything, really.  We have relatively new laws in MA stating how much we can accept (I think the max is $25 per student, or if it's a class gift, then $50).  I don't know if they have laws like that in your state, but it might be worth looking into just to make sure you're in the clear.  

    ETA: I just read your note about gift cards being boring - and they are usually pretty boring for the buyer, but I do really love getting them!  Especially when they're paired with a thoughtful note. :) 

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  • Gift cards are boring, but I LOVE them. My favorites have been for local spas, and have been accompanied by a note about how I deserve to relax, or whatever, written by the student.

    Don't do chocolates, store bought OR homemade. Or candles. Or, really, anything teacher-related, unless you know for sure that the teachers have to spend their own money.

    I would LOVE an LLBean totebag with summer stuff-- flip flops, a pedicure gift card, an "iced" cup from Sbux..

  • Totally go with gift cards! When I receive homeade food, it goes in the trash. I am particular about eating things from homes I am unfamiliar with.

    I got a Coach wristlet once. That was awesome too!

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  • DH and I are both teachers, and GC all the way: Sbux, Target, or Barnes & Noble.

    It's boring but MUCH appreciated.

    I agree w/ PP, edible gifts are no good (unless it's pre-packaged), and I think alcohol is a little weird, unless you are bringing it to their home.

     Also, what about making a donation to their favorite charity in their name? That would be cool. The teachers at DS's school ask for donated books to the school instead of gifts. 

  • Exactly what PP said - gift cards are boring to give but really, they are the best gift to receive.

    And I really like the idea of the note, especially for those three teachers.  Explain to them exactly what makes them good teachers and why they're great - those notes are PRICELESS.

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  • I love when I get little gift cards... my favorite christmas gift was a $5 target card.  It made my day!
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  • Yes, gift cards are great.  My favorite have been Dinner & Movie gift card combo.  Nice for a night out with DH.  Definitely don't get candles, food, or any bath stuff (I have enough lotion and body wash to last years). 

    Some gifts I've gotten that have really stood out have been personalized stationary, with just my name, or "From the Desk of Mrs. ***" notepads, and earlier this year I got stationary for "The *** Family" with little icons of me, my husband, and DS and our names.  I have also gotten a nice scarf, a coach keyfob, coach wallet, purse (there is a coach outlet by our school).  I know a few teacher friends who have gotten netflix subscription, cute jewelery (think necklace & earrings maybe from NY & Co).  I have also gotten many plants at the end of the school year - which are nice, but I tend to kill them all within a few weeks.  I really think that it helps to know a little about the teachers and their likes and personality.  I've gotten many things from students that just seem to be a last minute thought and although it's nice that they thought of me, the gift could have been given to anyone and was certainly not my style/taste.

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  • Andie41Andie41
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    GCs are definitely PPs said, boring to you but very useful! The supplies would also be great.

     I'm assuming your kids are in middle or high school, since they have multiple teachers. I hate to sound like a downer, but that's really a lot of money to be spending for you! To be completely honest, I would absolutely treasure a hand written note telling me why I deserved a knock your socks off present, probably more than the present itself! I won't remember a GC 10 years from now, but I would remember the sentiments. Just my .02! Big Smile

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  • I don't understand why you need to get them an actual gift?  Why can't you give them a very heartfelt thank you card? 

    I cherish thank you cards, letters, and drawings from my kids much more than a gift card.  I also enjoy pictures of my kids that they give me--of them in class or with others in their class or with me.

    Y'all can think I'm a stick in the mud, but really, why does everyone think they need to spend money to say've meant a lot to me.

    Several teachers this year have received thank you cards and they really helped to pick up their spirits on no-so-great days.

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