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C-Section Mamas.

Im 8 weeks pp.. but I still have alot of pain and discomfort from my surgery.. not to mention the horrible flap. I the soft hospital binder for 3ish weeks afterwards... but I was just wondering if it was too late to try and wear something like the belly bandit to help get my tummy back into shape? Im not skinny, and I never have been, but I hate the fact that Im back to my prepregnancy weight and still look 5 months pregnant. And the jiggle of it is the worst. =(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: C-Section Mamas.

  • I was never given anything by the hospital.  But a few weeks ago I started wearing a piece of stretchy shapewear, and I think it is helping.  I have gotten smaller, despite doing nothing to go this way.
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  • It can only help. From what I understand, and feel free to tear me a new one if I'm wrong, but a lot of what binders do is provide movement resistance, which helps gently tone those muscles, which will in turn reduce the flab etc. etc.
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  • I'm using an ace bandage wrapped snugly. Cheaper than a bandit. Same principle. 
  • I love the wrap my hospital gave me but stopped wearing it during the day at 3 weeks because it started to hurt when I sat down. I wear it to bed now. It does help IMO. But don't be so hard on yourself, you just had surgery. I plan on wearing spanks when I go back to work. =) Good luck!
  • Not sure about the binder/belly band but sorry to hear you are still in pain... I am still uncomfortable from my c-section and this week am dealing with an infection in my incision. Weird so much later but it's super painful and tender... feels like I will never be back to normal. I am so ready to feel like my old self again and not be popping ibuprofen everyday!! Hope your pain lets up soon.
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  • I bought a post-partum support belt at Motherhood. My OB told me to wear it minimally so I wouldn't hurt the muscles that were healing beneath it. I wear it when I go out and it's helped a lot. I had tried an ace bandage and it just didn't cut it. The belt gave me nearly instant relief from the sagging :p
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