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Babysitter Question?

For the most part we use the grandparents, but living an hour from the cloest grandparent I feel that we should have someone that we know and trust and use ocassionally in case of emergencies. So my quesiton is living in a neighborhood, where people don't really talk (seriously we go for walks pass people on the street and they ingore eachother) where should we go to look for a safe babysitter?

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    If you want someone who is licensed, there should be a list online through your county or state's licensing program. You could also go to or similar sites and see if they have any message boards in your area where you could ask for recommendations. I think the nest might also have some geography-specific message boards. 

    Is there a college or university where you live? If so, there may be opportunities to place an ad in their newspaper or online or something.  

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  • I use, but we're military so we get a free membership.  And lately, the moms in my mom's group have been trading off watching each other's kids for each other (so we don't pay anything), and it's nice to know that if I was in a bind I could ask any one of them to watch ds for a while.
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  • I tend to find my babysitters through sittercity or You could also call your local hospital (or maybe Red Cross???) to see if offer babysitter courses and a list of people who have finished said course.
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