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The Big 2.0 party?

I am trying to find out at what age do you normally start to invite friends from school to birthday parties, instead of just bringing treats to school? My son is turning 2 this september, and yeas early, but I am trying to figure out what to do. He has friends in school, and the students he is friends with their parents are also teachers at the center. So I am not sure if it is inappropiate (or againsit some unwritten center rules). I don't want to put the teachers in an ackward position where they shouldn't come, but our kids are friends, and they should come first.

Re: The Big 2.0 party?

  • So from what I'm understanding, your DS's friends have parents that are teachers there?  Are these DS's teachers?  I don't see a problem with that especially if DS and you aren't close with the other kids and parents.  I've always been the opinion of it's not necessary to invite everyone in your child's class or don't invite anyone at all.  As long as you're discreet and being showy about the party I would do it.  It's just a fact of life, you can't be friends with everyone and you can't be invited to everything.
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