3rd Trimester

Outfits for the hospital

What do you wear?  Please post links to what you are bringing for yourself to wear.
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Re: Outfits for the hospital

  • I'll probably be going in and coming out in some comfy yoga pants and a nursing tank. 
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  • image SarahP15:
    I'll probably be going in and coming out in some comfy yoga pants and a nursing tank. 

    This is what I wore once I was moved to the mother baby room and pretty much for several weeks once I got home!  Make sure your pants are very baggy and loose though, you won't want anything that resembles tight.

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  • black sweats and nursing tank and a zip up sweatshirt.
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  • hocushocus
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    I wore the gown the first day. You leak a lot and unless you're clothing is black then it will get gross. Then I wore PJ's and a robe. I wore yoga pants home.

    This time I'll probably bring a dress or something nice for the new born pictures and then wear PJs or yoga pants the rest of the time.

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  • 2 nursing tanks, a long sleeved tshirt, a cardigan, 2 pairs of yoga pants and some plaid pjs I bought at motherhood, just for fun, but we might save those until I'm home.

    Nothing fancy at all. I'm all about being comfortable. That and I froze in the hospital last time, so I want to be prepared with options.

  • I am still debating this, too.

    For now, I am planning on taking 1-2 nursing tank tops, a super comfy around the house type dress, and a pair of PJs with a button up, long sleeved top. I figure I will be able to mix and match what I need between these items. 

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  • I got an adorable Juicy pajama set at Bloomingdales. It's a tank, pants, robe and gown. I also brought another sweat suit set and a casual maxi dress to wear home. 
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  • With DS the minute I was able to get up I changed into workout pants, nursing tank and zip up hoodie.  All of the nurses joked and asked if I was going home so soon.  I was so much more comfortable being in my own clothes while I was there.
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  •  I just wore the hospital gowns and brought a coming home outfit. I did bring my own robe and comfy socks, though.

  • image 12bailey18:

     I just wore the hospital gowns and brought a coming home outfit. I did bring my own robe and comfy socks, though.

    Ditto this. I really didn't want to chance getting my clothes all yucky. The hospital gown wasn't that bad and it was super easy to nurse in.

  • Ditto to the hospital gown. I am having a repeat C-Section and want nothing tight on my incision. Also, if you end up having an IV for an extended amount of time, changing clothes is a nightmare. 

    That's just for those situations, though. I bet I'd rather be in cuter clothes if I'd had vaginal delivery.

  • Yoga/stretchy pants and some comfy gym shorts. For shirts I will be sticking with maternity tanks and nursing tanks and maybe one maternity t-shirt. I found with DD nothing really fits rights and your stomach is very loose and flabby at first so it's best to stick with the basics like stretchy pants plus your sore and may get blood on your pants so best to wear clothes that it won't matter. I will also either be wearing flip flops or slippers home depending on how swollen I am. Oh that's another things stretchy pants can be nice. I had to have IV and swelled up a ton to wear non of my maternity jeans or shorts fit they were all on the tight uncomfortable side the first couple weeks until the swelling subsided. 
  • with my first i wore pajama pants and my bravado nursing tank. while i was in the hospital i wore the hospital nighties cause they were the most comfortable.. but i am at a birthing center this time around .. i have a maternity nursing gown from motherhood maternity..which i will be wearing after.. and to go home in i will be in some yoga pants and a bravado nursing tank.. either that or a dress.. but most likely pants and tank .. well see. id bring a few things just in case. you never know what is going to be comfy for you.
  • To wear in the hospital, I've got a couple pairs of yoga pants, a couple nursing tanks, and a drapey sweatshirt type thing to wear if I get cold. ?To wear home, I have ?a pair of cropped yoga pants, a nursing tank, and a light weight tunic-type 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt.

    I bought a bunch of Old Navy's loungewear/workout gear for post partum wear. ?I did the same thing after DS was born (though it was a different season, so I couldn't really reuse it). ?I simply cannot stomach (pun intended) wearing maternity clothes after I give birth, but I obviously won't fit in my regular clothes for awhile. ?I didn't have to spend a ton of money, but I know I'll be comfy and happy to have clothes that I don't hate.?

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  • I've got a nice comfy pair of button up flannelette PJ's and one set of normal clothes ....Even at home I wear PJ's during the day if I'm not expecting people or anything...My 4yo daughter also bought me a pair of hot pink slippers with silver love hearts to wear in hospital for mothers day.
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