Loosing weight while nursing...?

Anyone have any good resources/diets for loosing weight? I used to be 135 but gained a lot of weight the first year of marriage and was 185 when I got pregnant. I gained only 25lbs while pregnant and lost it all and was back to 185 by the time my son was 2 weeks old. That would be great if I wasn't overweight when I began. :) A friend said I would loose weight just because of nursing but I'm not. I want to start loosing weight because now that my belly is 'looser' and my skin isn't as tight as it used to be. I feel huge and still look pregnant and I just need a change!

Also, are there any products that help tighten skin or something that will help my belly out? I don't care as much about the red stretch marks, just my big belly. It held in much better before it all stretched out. :)

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Re: Loosing weight while nursing...?

  • No suggestions here - just sympathy!  Except that my LO is 6 months old and litterally just yesterday I was asked "when is the baby due" - ugh!  I also feel like I'm carrying my weight completely differently since being pregnant with LO (I've never had a big belly before being pregnant) - and I just can't seem to get it to go down. 

    I had a complicated delivery that ended with a c-section (including a torn uterus) so I didn't feel I was healed well enough until a couple of months ago to start working at it (I went to a mom and baby pilates class when she was 3 months and that was a HUGE mistake - I didn't realize how much pulling I still felt from the surgery) - but now I just can't seem to get it in gear.  I also haven't lost any additional post-partum weight to speak of after the initial loss when she was born, even though I've been EBF and take daily 3-5 mile walks with my LO.  I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight - just not my pre-pregnancy shape =(

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  • If you can, get a lot of walking in with your LO.  Not only will you get exercise, but LO will get to explore the world.  That should help lose weight and tone up your body rather well :-}

    Make sure you still eat plenty, tho so that you have enough calories for BFing...I'm just now starting to get the hang of eating MORE than when I was pregnant.  Not gonna lie, I feel great even without sleep because of it, too.

    I do lots of exercise with LO in my arms or in the Moby.  At work I have to walk a lot, too.  I still have loose abdominal skin from having her, but that'll go away eventually if I keep up what I'm doing, I think.  I've also started my garden finally this year, so that will help tone me up while I weed. Rocking DD to sleep at night takes some muscles because she's not happy unless I'm contorted into some difficultly uncomfortable shape as I burp and rock her to sleep lol

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  • I didn't start losing weight from nursing until about 3 months post partum so maybe it is just around the corner for you...I also think that it was accelerated by returning to work and added pumping possibly too though. I was exercising but since I have returned to work I have not been so consistent and have continued to lose and eat more than I ever did when I was pregnant. Do you think you are eating enough?..I just do what the lactation consultant said...drink to thirst and eat to hunger. I notice it varies with how much baby is consuming.


  • I agree that at 3months and after I returned to work was when I really seemed to lose weight. Like PP's have said, make sure you are eating enough, or it will definitely affect your supply.
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  • I haven't been losing from BFing either.  I just started weight watchers since they have a program for nursing mothers.  So far I haven't been really sticking to the program, but I'm working on it.  I know other ladies have had lots of success with it.
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  • image klvd:

    No suggestions here - just sympathy!  Except that my LO is 6 months old and litterally just yesterday I was asked "when is the baby due" - ugh! 

    Someone should be punched

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