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Maternity Costume Idea's

I am trying to think of something creative to dress up as for Halloween. I was thinking I could make a cardboard oven to put around my belly and call it "a bun in the oven". I also thought that I could dress as a nun for the humor factor of a pregnant nun!!!

Any idea's???

Re: Maternity Costume Idea's

  • Go as a sumo wrestler. Wear all beige pants and long sleeve shirt, glue black felt around your pants to look like the diaper, glue on black circles to look like nipples and put your hair up in a bun. With your belly sticking out you'll have the look of a sumo wrestler without having to add extra padding and still be comfortable!
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  • One of my friends just had an orange dress and black felt cut outs glued to her belly on the dress (to look like a pumpkin face) then she had a headband with a little green topper :)
  • Not quite sure it's "maternity" but in light of the election pending, I'm going as a "hockey mom" and DH is going as "joe six-pack" :) I'm planning on blacking out one of my teeth, wearing a jersey, and carrying around a hockey stick (and if I can find a helmet or gloves, I'll wear those too) :) Cheap and fun (especially if you don't like Sarah Palin, which we don't) :)
  • My friend wants me to go as a pregnant Brittney spears...I love the bun in the oven idea though!
  • Me and DH were going to dress up as either Bristol Palin and Levi or Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey but I feel a little mean doing that. I might just do a crazy makeup job and go as Pregzilla.
  • I'm being a pregnant nun and DH is being a priest -- I actually just got my costume yeaterday!

    They didn't have a maternity one so I just got the plus size. I have to make some kind of a belt the accentuate the belly though -- right now I just look fat, lol.

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