Pregnant after a Loss

Hi Ladies, I'd love to join you!

I'm back in the knocked up club and couldn't be happier! We found out we were expecting for the first time in January, unfortunately I had a missed m/c in March and had a d&c. We waited a cycle before trying again, and here I am! I couldn't be happier; I also couldn't be more frightened. I read into EVERY thing. One thing that's different is that last time I didn't have a speck of morning sickness, this time it is terrible. I've never been happier to vomit up my lunch.

It's been a rough go... my family is psycho, I'm in a small town, and we're waiting for the final certification before being foster parents (everything is done, but our agency told me this morning they were closing.... surprise!! Now I get to find a new agency and go through stuff again). I work 5-6 days a week full time, and have a boss who I'm pretty sure one day I'll flip out on... especially with the whole "no prozac while pregnant thing".

YAY!!!! Can I join you lovely ladies?? *bats eyes*

Big Smile 

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Re: Hi Ladies, I'd love to join you!

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