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sleep when your baby sleeps!? Hahahahahahaahaa...

Yeah right!!  My LO is a month old today and for the first time since he was born... both my 2year old and my LO went down for a nap at the same time.... (DD pretty much quit taking naps before she even turned 2!) I was so tired and so excited to lay down... DD was on the bed on one side of me and LO was propped up in the Boppy on the other side... Just as I closed my eyes and got comfortable I felt a wet warm stream on my back... my two year peed all over me, her and the bed!  I had to wake her up.... take off my clothes, her clothes and strip the bed including my now peed on feather comforter to wash.... somehow they both fell back asleep, so i decided to try again... literally the second my head hit the pillow I heard LO fill his diaper and then the screaming began... both of them woke up tired and crabby!!  needless to say i still have yet to get a nap!  

Re: sleep when your baby sleeps!? Hahahahahahaahaa...

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    I haven't napped either today, and no sleep last night either.  LO has decided to fight sleep like it's the enemy.  I am so tired!  At least nothing has been peed on in this house today!
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  • I'm sorry...I can't imagine having a newborn and a toddler. DD is 5 and in school so I manage to get a few naps in here and there.
  • I am so sorry and I completely feel for you, yet I have to say your story gave me the giggles. I wish you the best in getting your nap in, I have had those days myself! Good luck!
  • Yeah, I feel for SAHM's of 2 or more - it seems like it would be a miracle if all naps coincided.  My DD goes to daycare, so it's just me and DS during my maternity leave.  His naps are really short, though - enough time for me to take a shower, etc., but not long enough for me to fall asleep and catch up on my rest.  And, furthermore, people who say "sleep when the baby sleeps" must not remember that there also needs to be time to bathe, eat, take care of necessary household chores, etc.  It's just not that simple.
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  • hahaha to those ppl who say sleep when lo sleeps. Lo is 16 days old and I have taken one nap that whole time. I still have a house to tend to, laundry to be done, floors to be vaccumed, meals to be fixed, and shower??? That's that, lol. And I had DS2 pee on the couch in his room last night. So I totally get the pee thing!
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  • I always tell those folks to come wash my dishes, fold my laudry and cook my dinner so I can follow the "tip"
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