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Sleeping in her crib...

Well, DD hasn't slept in her crib since we brought her home besides for two 30 mins stays while I took a shower. We have a basanette and she hasn't really slept in that either. So, I've been sleeping on the couch or in the recliner with her on my chest...needless to say I haven't gotten any good sleep since she has been born. I'm not complaining but I would love to sleep in my bed. I don't feel comforable taking her into bed with me and DH I'm afraid that he is going to roll over her. So, tonight I got her to sleep in her bed and now I'm having a problem with it. I keep going in there to make sure that everything is alright and that she is still breathing...not that I can't hear her on the moniters. I feel like picking her up and taking her to the livingroom with me and going to bed. Anyone else have this problem? How did you deal with it?

DH said that he starting to feel like we are room mate and not a married couple...I've been sleeping on the couch since I was 7 months.

Re: Sleeping in her crib...

  • I know you mentioned having monitors already, but you may want to invest in the AngelCare monitor- $129 at BabiesRUs- it monitors baby's breathing- the monitor will sound if it does not detect movement for 20 seconds. It is by far the best thing we have purchased, it gives me peace of mind. It took a few to get used to, we would pick baby up and forget to turn off the monitor so it would go off, but you get used to it. We have had a couple of false alarms because DS has scooted his way to the edge of the crib in his sleep, but I would rather wake up to a false alarm than worry every single night to go check up on the baby. I still catch myself wanting to check in on him, but at night I sleep well- and just check on him during the day, even when the monitor is on. They have a new one with video if that will make you feel better, but I am not sure how much that one costs. Good luck! 
  • we splurged a little bit and got a video monitor. SO glad that we did this. It lets me look in on him without getting out of bed to see if he really needs me or he's cooing/dreaming/etc.  
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