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Getting breastfed baby to bottle feed getting hard, any suggestions?

I am going back to work in 2 weeks and my baby is refusing to bottlefeed, he was primarily breastfed, but he has taken a bottle before, just not consistently. He is crying in my DH's arms as I type, he is trying to feed him and it's just not working! :o( I don't want my LO to starve while I am at work and I am at wit's end now! :o

Re: Getting breastfed baby to bottle feed getting hard, any suggestions?

  • Try to start bottle feeding before he's super hungry. Look for the first hunger signs then offer a Bottle. DS wint take a bottle if he gets to the point of really crying to eat.
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  • Try some different bottles.
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  • My only advice is to try different bottles, different positions, different set-ups (quiet, dark room) until your husband finds something that works. Maybe try getting your scent on a small blanket and have your DH hold it close to the baby while giving the bottle. 
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  • What bottles have you tried? One of the most helpful things I do is make sure to use a wide-base nipple such as on Breastflow and MAM bottles and hold the bottle in the U between my thumb and pointer finger while keeping my fingers on his cheek... these two things make them feel like they are on the breast with pressure against the mouth and skin touching the face.
  • I don't think your baby will let himself starve.  Have you tried leaving the house?  I've heard that helps with babies who were primarily BFed.  It's like they KNOW that mommy is in the hosue.

    I'm sorry you're having such a tough time!  Good luck! 

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  • I am not able to feed DD a bottle she will not take it from me at all. So, either my sister or DH gives it to her. She tries to fight it but after a min or so she takes it from them. They have to play with it in her mouth, and even drop a fee drops in her month for her to know what it is. Do you give him a paci? That's how I started it. I would give her a paci and I would have to keep my finger on it for her to take it then we introduced a bottle.


  • With my DD1 it helped to put the bottle in her mouth when she was still sleepy.  She would take it fine until she woke up enough to realize what she was doing.  Eventually she got used to it though. 
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  • I have the Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles which are the ones he has taken fine. He has taken a bottle from me twice, and he has taken a bottle from my DH on weekends when I am sleeping and he watches him. He has taken the bottle from my mom, my MIL and my aunt. He has taken it with me in the house and with me out of the house or wherever he is at the time, so I don't know if it is because he knows I am nearby. IT is just this past week he has started completely refusing it. I just bought the orthodontic NUK bottles which have a nipple that resembles mine after he has been sucking on it so I thought that might help. All he did was chew on it and push it out after a few minutes. I will try some of these other things and see what works, I appreciate the advice! 
  • i am watching a baby right now who is giving me and her parents a VERY hard time taking a bottle.  she won't take one from ANYONE!  we've tried everything listed here and then some.  she is one stubborn little one!  my only suggestion is for when you DO get LO into daycare, make sure you continue her feeding schedule on weekends/days off.  she'll be getting a bottle at DC from say 8-4; make sure you try to continue to feed LO bottles during this same time, to stay consistant.  best of luck!
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