Pregnant after a Loss

DH was right-it's a girl!!! (Now with PIPs!)

We just finished a great anatomy scan-baby looked perfect and is definitely a girl. She was wriggling around like crazy it was adorable!! I have tons of great pics I'll update when we get home.

ETA: pics!

They also gave us a DVD of the whole ultrasound, it's amazing to be able to watch the baby moving, can't wait to show my family. 

Thank you all for your warm wishes, sorry I have not been able to respond I just got home. 


She already has her daddy's high cheekbones Smile


Almost forgot the money shot:


In case you were wondering Wink



Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Our angel baby, always missed-EDD 1.18.10-D&C 7.2.10
"Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

Congrats to my KU buddy ~
and ZZsMommy on baby XYZ and GPickles on baby C


Re: DH was right-it's a girl!!! (Now with PIPs!)

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