Pregnant after a Loss

I am numb and shaking....Good bye

I had gone to the ER on Monday night after my light pink spotting. They claimed to have seen the HB on little Sprout. I didn't see it. I went to followup today at my OB/GYN so I could go back to work. We had an u/s and no HB and no movement. Sprout had stopped growing at 8w5d (last Friday). I go in for my d&c tonight. My heart is broken. Then, to top things off, the hospital called and the lady was telling me all about her daughter and how she has a 4 year old and had 2 m/c and is now pregnant. WTH! Seriously!? You are calling to confirm my d&c and you tell me this? Wow. I will be complaining about her.

I wish you ladies the best of luck.

I have short term memory loss. Do not take it personally if I do not remember you right away.
No longer trying to conceive at all.
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BFP #2 7/23/10 EDD 3/30/11 m/c 8/17/10 We will always miss you Angelique Marie! 
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 Midnight Marie (furbaby) born 7.4.12 passed for unknown reasons 9.19.12 Missing my jumping bean. 
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Re: I am numb and shaking....Good bye

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