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Really bad dreams!!

The last 3 nights I have woken up in a cold sweat...I have had the same dream that we lost the baby due to the cord being wrapped around her neck!!!! I am 18w today and these dreams are making it soo hard for me to fall asleep!

Re: Really bad dreams!!

  • linzicalinzica
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    That's just horrible. I've been having really crazy dreams (the highlight this week was the battle I had with a skank on a pool table at the mall) but they haven't been too baby related.

    Are you reading alot about things that can go wrong with pregnancy? If your constantly absorbing new and terrible scenarios that could happen, that could be what's behind your nightmares. Either way I would suggest watching or reading or doing something totally non baby related before bed and seeing if that helps lead your thoughts elsewhere.

  • I had a really horrible baby dream a couple of nights ago, too. It was just awful and I woke up crying my eyes out. Even though it was just a dream it left me so uneasy and was not able to fall back asleep all night. It was awful, I know exactly what you mean. I hope you get some better sleep soon.
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  • I had my first HORRIBLE pregnancy nightmare last week. At 12 weeks we had our first U/S, saw the baby "dancing" and waving and the heart beating, all looked good. In my dream, the Dr. emailed me to tell me that my baby died because my placenta dried up! And that when we saw the baby at 12 weeks the baby wasn't dancing, it was trying to tell us "Get me out of here, I am dying". How fricking insanely bizarre. I woke up freaking out and started bawling at 2 am....  UHHHH

    Luckily I heart the heartbeat for the first time at my appt yesterday. All is well...

  • My dreams have been horrible as well :( 
  • I have had very scary nightmares . anything from baby related to evil beings to werid crazy sights. i havent felt this scared in awhile. i have a nightmare a few times a week. i dont know why , and i hope the dreams calm down.
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