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Anyone else nervous?

I am not nervous about childbirth, I am nervous about what happens after. A baby is so small and delicate. How long does it take to get comfortable with holding the baby? Please tell me I am not alone and yes this is my first Stick out tongue
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Re: Anyone else nervous?

  • I am feeling the same way. I am getting really nervous.. H has more experience with babies than I do. I was the youngest out of 5 so everyone was taking care of me. I have never changed a diaper and have barely ever held a baby except a few times and every time I have been TERRIFIED. I plan on taking several parenting courses with DH here soon.
  • You are not alone! I am so excited to welcome this little one, but I am definitely a little overwhelmed, nervous and scared! I just want to be a good Mommy to this little guy. I think the feelings are completely normal/expected (at least that's how I keep reassuring myself, hahe.)
  • Yeah, I'm totally nervous about that ? I'm also nervous about birthing the baby and also breastfeeding. I'm just afraid I won't be able to do any of it! Everyone tells me "women have been doing this for thousands of years"...well thanks, but that really doesn't make me feel any better!
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  • I was very nervous with my first, but once the baby comes it will naturally come, and you will know exactly what to do. All of the small things will go away and you will be so amazed with this lo. Don't worry too much ladies. Just enjoy this special time!!
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  • Nervous? Absolutely, to the core! I'm a first-timer, but even if this were my 2nd, 3rd, etc. I think it's a totally normal reaction. Bringing a person into the world and raising them is a big job. I think a healthy dose of nerves is a better case than a "whatevs, it's going to be a breeze!" attitude. (Right? Maybe?)
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  • babes12babes12
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    With my 1st i spent so much time researching what pregnancy is all about etc... that i never thought to read up on what to do when baby arrives.  Needless to say i was in shock for about the first 1-2wks home w/ LO.  It was a crazy adjustment w/ lots of crying on my part.  Embarrassed 

    But i honestly didn't even know how to change DS's diaper, i think the last time i had changed a diaper was when i was a kid so i made DH do it.  LOL!  But you definitely get the hang of everything very, very quickly as far as holding, changing and if your bottle feeding. 

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  • Not being nervous about it, makes me nervous! I am pretty confident (having been around babies and have done lots of reading) but I know I'm being overly confident and am worried that I'm in for the shock of my lifetime. Maybe once I become bigger and start feeling kicks, it'll become more real and then make me nervous?
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  • I feel exactly the same way!! Everyone keeps telling me that it will all come so naturally and not to worry about it. But I still worry!
  • Almost every parent feels nervous about having a baby. They are small and fragile but the moment that they are in your arms the nervousness starts to disappear... Ok when your baby spits up for the first time you will want to hurry the baby to the hospital or when the baby coughs. Or has its first tumble.. But the first little jitters go away with time he he and then you have your second :)
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  • With my DD I had never even changed a diaper before!  DH had never even held a baby let alone anything else.  Two days in, we were pros!  You will get it and it will seem scary at first but then be natural!  Good luck!
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  • DH's coworker told us that babies are pretty hard to break, so that's reassuring.
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  • Im actually feeling the opposite! Im soo nervous about childbirth and feel like everything else will fall into place!! Im nervous about the "unexpected" about the delivery or that Im gonna do something wrong!! This is my 1st also and Im 18w today :) But we will all be fine...our natural instincts are what will help us get through it all :)


  • This is my first and I am nervous also.  There are so many things that you should and shouldn't do it's hard to keep up.  I read something and then hope I will remember by the time the baby actually comes :-)
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