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My DH and I have recently decided to start trying to have another baby soon. He is self employed and I am a stay at home mom so we have to pay out of pocket for our health insurance. Our current health insurance plan does not have maternity coverage. Does any one have any tips or suggestions on how to go about getting maternity health insurance coverage?  TIA 

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  • It depends on where you live but pretty much everyone is trying to get out of maternity coverage.  That being said, even with a company that doesn't have maternity coverage they will take care of you if you have an emergency C section or whatnot so if you can be prepared to pay about $5,000 out of pocket for medical expenses I wouldn't bother changing.  You could be setting yourself up for a steep increase in monthly premiums.  Really you'll just have to shop around.


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  • In my experience it is cheaper getting quotes online. Some of the top insurance companies offer discounts when ordering online, because it is less work for them. But to be safe you could compare rates online, pick the best offer and try a local agency to see if they can match it or do better:
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