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just a little nervous...

As usual, I have successfully freaked myself out! Last Thursday I went in for my bi weekly check up and everything was going great. Our LO was moving like crazy and her heartbeat was 156. My DH and I had a pretty busy weekend and by Sunday night, my back was killing me and I also had some pretty uncomfortable tightness in my stomach. Well, for the past two days, LO's movements haven't been as frequent as they usually are. I'm starting to get really worried. Should I call my doctor and schedule an appointment? Or is it normal to not feel as much movement at 28 weeks?

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Re: just a little nervous...

  • i went through this last week. I went to the doctors on Wednesday.. heartbeat was fine... after the appointment, and all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning he was barely moving at all. Like went from active all day to barely getting 10 kicks in 2 hours. My doctor said as long as I'm feeling some movement that I shouldn't be too worried. She said to eat something then go lay down for about a half an hour and put a cold water bottle on your belly. It actually worked... it got him to move around. She said if you do that and feel at least 3 movements in 1/2 while the water bottle is there thats good and that i should feel at least 10 movements in 2 hours without the bottle (during his more active times).

    So i just kind of watched that over those two days and by Saturday afternoon he was back to moving around more. I think he may have been switching positions or something during those 2-3 days because now the movements I feel are a lot lower (some still higher but mostly lower, near my pelvic bone). And the movements feel different now, it is more fluid rolls then it punches and kicks. 

  • Back pain is probably from being active all weekend; mine gets achy if I'm on my feet a lot. Try stretching and having DH rub the sore muscles (esp. in a hot shower- the warm water is amazing for loosening those muscles!)

    Stomach tightness could be Braxton Hicks contractions. Read up on those; they're normal and harmless as long as they're not coming too regularly. Of course, if something feels wrong and you're worried, call the Dr's office and ask about it. They won't mind helping and it's better to be on the safe side :) GL! 

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