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What helps morning sickness?

I am not thorwing up, just a constant nauseous feeling all day and night.  Has anyone found anything to work?  I do try to eat small meals because making sure my stomach isn't empty helps a little.  Anything else?
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Re: What helps morning sickness?

  • I just ate a lot.  Eating practically constantly helped me, but I know others who couldn't eat much at all.  It just depends on the pregnancy and the person.
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  • I just stopped taking Zofran today, so I am dealing with this again.  Right now I am sipping on flat coke because of the tannins (sp?) and honestly I am feeling almost OK again.  I also have a sleeve of saltines at my desk and even though I am so sick of them, I make myself eat a couple every now and then and it seems to be helping.


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  • I had extreme morning sickness with my first pregnancy.  Ondansetron (Zofran) is a prescription drug that is often prescribed by your OB to combat nausea...beware, though it can contribute to constipation and make you feel worse in that way; also, it isn't prescribed solely for nausea if you are able to keep food down.  It's worth asking about if you get to the point where you're puking all the time.  I did.

    I also found that the blander my diet was, the less I puked.  I ate lots of: plain oatmeal (sometimes got to add raisins), plain white rice (sometimes got to add a broken up slice of cheese or a spoonful of cooked veggies), yogurt, pretzels, goldfish crackers, graham crackers (sometimes with peanut butter), and saltines (which I think are pretty much worthless in combating M/S, but I kept trying them anyway.).

    Keep a bucket handy in case you can't make it to a bathroom in time (you can actually buy designer vomit bags online, btw).  And keep a change of clothes at work in case you miss the bathroom or your bucket.


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  • LOTS and LOTS of life savers candy.
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  • I had this and didn't have any luck finding a cure. Honestly, I think I would have preferred throwing up to the constant dry heaving. Ginger Ale and Perrier helped some and really mild peppermint tea (don't let it steep too long).

    DH used to bring me a vanilla yogurt or a piece of buttered toast before I sat up or got out of the bed and that held off the nausea for a little while so at least I could function enough to get ready for work.  But basically I felt like I had just gotten off a rough boat ride for two months.

    Sorry :( Hope your tummy feels better soon! 

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  • Eating things like pretzels and crackers throughout the day, wearing sea bands (I think they worked very well), sucking on candies like Preggie Pop Drops, Sour Patch Kids.  It's good that you're not throwing up, but the constant feeling of nausea gets old really fast.
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  • I had pretty mild M/S, just a general queasy feeling in the mornings if my stomach was empty. I second the other ladies who recommend carbs in any form- they were helpful. Especially jalapeno cheddar bagels, but that may just be me! :-)

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  • 25mg of B6 3 times a day (morning, noon & night- with a meal)

    also ginger beer (its like gingerale only with real ginger)

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