3rd Trimester

back pain anyone?????

I haven't been in my third trimester very long but for the past week i've had awful mid to upper back pain!!  It makes me a little nervous, I figured it would be my lower back.  IDK if its baby's positioning or my bra or just the added weight from my chest & stomach.  Anyone else have this???  Ive been trying the heating pad & am going for a massage tomorrow, then maybe the chiropractor, but I dont know what else to do??
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Re: back pain anyone?????

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    Yes, to everything. I just recently joined the third trimester club as well and my back has recently started hurting quite a bit. I think it does have to do with the weight gain in my belly and chest, and possibly also with the way the baby positions himself every once in a while. I usually will try and rest in bed for a couple of minutes and get my SO to rub my back and apply some pressure to the sore spots. It seems to help a little bit. You can also try a warm bath.
  • I've had midback and lots of pain near my shoulders. A doula suggested acupunture.
  • I have that too and I think it is because of all of the extra weight in front which makes my posture pretty horrible. I have found that if I stretch out my neck, shoulders, and upper back...I feel a lot better.

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  • thanks everyone, im actually going to accupuncture on sat for my sinuses maybe he can help with this pain 2!!
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  • I'va had awful back pain in my mid/upper back on the right for the past 3 weeks or so.  It usually starts every day around noon and doesn't let up until I go to bed.  The only thing I've found that helps is to lay down with that side propped up on a body pillow.  I'm also trying really hard to sit up straight at work, exercise or do light stretching, but those doesn't seem to do much.  I talked to my OB and she offered to send me to physical therapy, but I'm not ready to go that far yet.  
  • I've had a lot of pain in my back - mid right side. It's just kind of sore and uncomfortable. It only happens at work after sitting for a couple of hours and walking is the only thing that makes it feel better. I try to walk/work out after work every day.  That seems to help a lot.

  • I was having the regular back pain from just being pregnant until Mother's Day when I started having severe pain in my back on my right side around where my kidney is. My midwife diagnosed it as a kidney infection and got me started on antibiotics which helped for a couple days, then the pain started increasing again in my lower back on the right side. After a wonderful night in the emergency room they discovered that my uterus was pinching off my right ureter and blocking the flow of urine to the bladder. I ended up in surgery later that day where they placed a stent to eliminate the blockage. After the surgery the pain finally went away.

    My point is, if you're experiencing severe pain and heat and these other things aren't dealing with it, there are other possible reasons for the pain. If it gets worse don't assume it's just from your changing body and added weight. I'm crossing my fingers for you that it's just normal pregnancy discomfort and hopefully your heating pad and massage will deal with the pain. Good Luck!

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