Pregnant after 35

over 40 pregnant after loss etc....

hi am looking for others to talk vent worry grow big with. I have no one other than dh to talk to and am lonely, bored, know...

peeing every 5 min always thirsty and sick like a dog when I eat but still always hungry

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Re: over 40 pregnant after loss etc....

  • Congrats on your pregnancy. When are you due? How far along are you? Hope you feel better soon!
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  • HuahineHuahine
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    Welcome!  Whenever things get a little too ridiculous on my month board or the first tri board I come over here to hang out with the adults.  I've only been around for a few weeks, but this a very funny, supportive group of ladies.  I think you'll like it here :)
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  • Hi Goldilocks: I'm right there with you! I'm not quite 40 (39) but I'm pregnant after a loss and feeling very nervous. It's a good thing you're sick. I haven't gotten sick yet and I didn't get sick last time which turned out to be a loss. Hang in there! I know it ain't easy.


    TTC since April 2010, age 40, 3 miscarriages in total IVF w/PGD June 2012 - failed cycle with a genetically perfect embryo, unexplained infertility January 2013 - On to adoption!!!
  • Hi and welcome.  I'm 42 y.o. and currently 10 weeks pregnant after a loss at age 41 (approx. 7.5 weeks).  I had almost no symptoms last time, but a lot of symptoms this time - fatigue, nausea and lots of peeing.  Embrace your symptoms Wink - they're a good sign for a healthy pregnancy! 


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  • kimb311kimb311
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    Welcome and congrats! You have a good group of Ladies here!  We like to call ourselves the "big girl" club.  Nothing is off limits and I can't recall anyone getting flamed, so vent away!!
  • Welcome!Big Smile I'm 41 and expecting in just a few weeks.

    I hope you feel better soon.


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  • welcome and congrats!!  I'm 7 weeks away from delivering (give or take) and 42. 

    Tiny but MIGHTY!!

    My two sons


  • Congratulations, welcome, and buckets of stickies for your pregnancy!

    I'm 43, and I've had 6 losses myself.  I found it's hard to let yourself really relax and get excited, at least until you pass the nasty, nasty first trimester.  :)

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  • tbabantbaban
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    Welcome and congrats!  This is my favorite board b/c the ladies here are understanding and wonderful and no one has ever been hostile about anything!  It's ok to vent or talk about whatever you want.  You will like it here.
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  • image Huahine:
    Welcome!  Whenever things get a little too ridiculous on my month board or the first tri board I come over here to hang out with the adults.

    This is me too. lol

    Welcome! Wishing you a H&H 9 mos.

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  • Congratulations!  Feel free to chime in with us anytime!
  • I'm 41 and 7 weeks 3 days pregnant. I had a m/c last January when i got PG with egg donor.

    This time is all natural and I think it meant to be. I'm so excited. it's a miracle!!

    Congrats to you too. Have a heathy one!!! 

  • Cali,

    Don't worry about not having morning sickness. Be thankful you don't. It doesn't mean anything. I had two previous losses and have made it to week 32 with no problems, and I didn't have morning sickness at all.

  • Hi,


    I had a loss in November after our second round of IVF.  I am 40 too.  We are now 14 weeks with twins after yet another round of IVF.  It is such a scary time - Monday I had a bleeding episode - turned out to be a subchorionic bleed.  The babies are fine for now but the worries won't end I am sure.  Glad to have you here!  Good luck!


  • Welcome and Im glad I found you gals too! Was pregnant at 40 and had incomplete miscarriage at 8 1/2 weeks (this is when the heart beat stops but your body still thinks its pregnant, awful!). Took 3 months off and got pregnant again, now 11 1/2 weeks. Feel free to reach out and talk. I also have more symptoms this time round, that I didnt have last time. So wear your peeing/nausea etc as a badge of honor, its a very good sign!


  • hi all

    so far so good at 20 + weeks 

    still get nausea and wicked heartburn, but the baby is moving a lot

    so it is all good! We had the NT and other tests all good so far.

    It look as if I am the oldest in the group 

     but it is great so see so many over 40's!!


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