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don't wanna jynx it but....

I think I'm in early labor.  Yesterday starting around noon I started having contractions on and off.  They weren't timeable but would come every 20-45 minutes.  They kept happening if I was sitting, laying, walking etc.  Problem was they never got worse or closer together.  I have had such bad pressure in my bottom, hips, pelvis, tailbone and top front of thighs.  I also went #2 like 5 times yesterday, not loose stool, just small #2s like constantly.  I always felt like I had to go to the bathroom.  Well the pains stopped around 6:45pm, I got discouraged, took a shower and went to bed.  

Well I feel asleep around 8:45 and woke up about every hour to use the bathroom.  Around 1:30 I started having contractions again.  They started every 20 minutes apart and then went to 8 minutes apart for an hour or so.  Now, I haven' thad another one again for 15 minutes.  

Who knows, but I hate the stress of not knowing whether or not this is it or not.  I was trying to sleep through/in between them but it wasn't happening.  So, here I am, up for almost 2 hours now, hoping that my water will just break so that I will know for sure.  All of these irregular contractions are driving me nuts.  They are painful, have to breath through, whole belly gets tight and complete with a constant back ache.  

Anyways, I know I'm still early but I've been having a feeling I would go early and on my own for awhile now.  I have been 2cm since 35 weeks and last week at my appointment on 37w 2d appointment I was 2-3cm, 50% effaced and -2 station with a soft cervix.  My Dr. didn't say anything like she though I would go early or anything like that but she did have some hesitation in her voice when she said how progressed I was.  My next Dr.'s appointment isn't till Thursday but I'm hoping I don't make it that far.

Sorry this is so long, I'm just nervous because I never went on my own with DS, I was induced and really have no clue what natural labor and "going on your own" feels like.... 

Re: don't wanna jynx it but....

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