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Delaney Marie is here!

Delaney arrived May 14th - 3 days after her due date. She is a gorgeous baby girl, although a little big (9lbs9oz). We had a really hard labor process together, I developed a fever of 101.6 right before I started to push which meant Delaney was going to the NICU after I delivered. Well after 20 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing my little girl hadn't progressed past the 0 station she had been in since 38 weeks. My doctor recommend a c-section so that's what we did. She was born at 8:37pm, 9lbs9oz, 20.5 inches.

The hardest part of delivering was seeing her whisked away to the NICU for treatment from the fever. Delaney is still currently in the NICU receiving antibiotics and we find out tomorrow if she has meningitis. We're praying she doesn't!! However, even if she doesn't we'll still leave the hospital without her on Weds, she will stay until at least Saturday. I'll post pics once we're home, but for now we could use some prayers for our baby girl.
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