Pregnant after a Loss

We have a gest. sac!!!

Please say hello to Baby Casanova, version 3.0, aprox. 5 weeks!!! :-)


and another one just because I?m happy that there is a baby in there and it?s in the correct location and it?s the correct size!


Today was our first appointment with the OB and he wanted to do an u/s just to confirm/verify the pregnancy, so of course I didn?t object! I know I still have a long ways to go, but this is the first little hurdle and I?m happy that we made it here. I go back in one month to see how much baby has grown and of course the heartbeat.

BFP #1 4/22/10 MC 5/5/10 (6w4d) EDD 12/25/10
BFP #2 10/19/10 CP 10/27/10 (4w6d) EDD 6/30/11
BFP #3 5/10/11 Lucas Abelardo born 12/29/11 at 37w3d
BFP #4 12/10/12 MMC 1/14/13 (9w3d) D&C 1/15/13 EDD 8/16/13 

BFP #5 8/22/13 Lucia Elizabeth born 4/17/14 at 38w
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Re: We have a gest. sac!!!

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