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Xander's birth story!! PIP

A few days behind on posting this, but can't resist sharing Xander's birth story.

On Thursday the 12th, husband and I walked around the mall and target, had buffalo wings for lunch, walked a mile around the neighborhood, had sex twice, and nothing. I went to bed at 2am slightly discouraged and cranky. Well, at 2:30 I woke up to terrible cramping. I went downstairs and walked around, tried to sleep on the couch, drank lots of water, and then noticed the cramps were getting worse and closer together. They were just below my belly, nothing in my back or up top but I did feel the tightness in my abdomen. The contractions were 3 minutes apart! I was terrified I would get to L&D and would be sent home and told to suck it up it was nothing, and they hurt BAD! I was already 4cm dialated at my appointment that Wednesday, so with contractions so close together I realized I had to go. I woke up husband up at 4:30, two hours after they started at 3 minutes apart! We get to the hospital and I was 5cm and admitted right away at exactly 39 weeks, I was going to try to go natural but because they came on so fast and so close they were about 43545 times worse than I expected and I received the epidural at about 6am. I got the epidural and was very suprised by how much I could still feel. (Not to scare anyway, it was in NO WAY anywhere near what it was, I just didn't realizae I would still be able to feel as much). At 7:30 I had DH get the nurse because I peed myself, well, no I didn't. My water broke and I was 8 cm already! I went from 5 to 8 in less than two hours. At 8 I got the feeling I needed to push, and was 10 cm! He was on his way.. but not. The doctor wasn't there and they wanted to see if Xander would move down a little on his own first so I couldn't push yet. A WHOLE HOUR later we were ready to start, and after 1.5 hours of pushing, out came Baby Xander with only a second degree tear.

7pounds and 13 ounces, 19.5 inches long and lots of black hair! He is absotely beautiful and I couldn't feel more blessed. Besides the healing being harder than I'd thought it be, we are all doing fantastic! I'm not sure how I got lucky to have him a week early, or such a quick labor and delivery, but I wish it for everyone that wants it! Can't wait to move on from posts about mucus plugs and dialating to breastfeeding and poop! Hope everyone is doing well

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