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Great news!!

I went in for my appt today.  We still couldn't find the hb on doppler, and my hr was up again.  I hope I can get my anxiety uder control soon.  Anyway, the doctor ordered another us. Our baby was moving around like crazy today.  It was never still.   HR was 164.  The doctor had originally said that we could rule out NTD's at 12 weeks.  Well the head looks round to me already.  I asked the tech did she think the spine looked normal.  She said so.  So, when my doctor came back in, I asked could he tell yet.  He told me that everything looks closed!  He said the back of the skull is formed and closed, and the spine looks closed.  He also said that the back of the neck looked normal.  I guess he was referring to the nuchal fold.  I am so excited.  I can't even believe I just heard those words.  I feel so much better knowing that NTD's are pretty much ruled out.  I know we still have a month or so before we can see the other organs, but what a relief!!

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