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When did you stop temping?

I was thinking about tommorrow being my last day to check my bbt. I'm hesitant and wonder when everyone else made the decision to stop. I have never gone longer than cd32 with out a temp drop. I have had two bfp and I think my chart looks triphasic.

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I guess I know I'm pregnant, it has just become so routine & feels odd to just quit. Is it silly to keep temping to look for a drop as a predictor to a m/c??? Did you do anything instead to take its place early on? Your thoughts much appreciated.

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Re: When did you stop temping?

  • I stopped as soon as I got my BFP. Your temps will flucuate in pregnancy and it will just cause you more stress watching them go up and down.


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  • I think I stopped 3 or 4 days after my BFP (char in siggy).

    It felt weird to stop for me to, but after a day or two, I enjoyed the sleep. If you keep temping, your temps may fluctuate and you will lose your mind with unnecessary worry. 

    Oh, and congratulations! 

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  • I stopped as soon as I got a +hpt. 
  • I stopped after I had 18 temps above the coverline.  I couldn't handle the stress!

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  • I stopped as soon as I got my BFP and it feels great not having to temp anymore!

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  • You should stop now.  I kept temping for a couple days, and I had a HUGE temp drop 2 days after my BFP that really freaked me out.  After that I decided to stop.  Of course, I'm still here and everything is fine so far, so that temp drop didn't mean anything.
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  • quezzoquezzo
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    I stopped right away. Being newly pregnant you have enough to stress about, don't give yourself additional stress purposely. 
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  • I stopped within 5 days of getting my BFP.  My sleep has become too erratic to continue temping even if I wanted to.
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  • I stopped pretty much after my BFP b/c I wasn't temping on the weekend and I got my BFP on New Year's Eve and didn't want to deal with temping that weekend.  Its hard, but I decided to just let go and enjoy this pregnancy (which hasn't been easy).  Congrats on the BFP!!
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  • I stopped the day of the BFP because I did not want to stress myself anymore than I should
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  • This morning was the 1st time I didn't temp and I'm 20 DPO.  I wanted to wait until I had at least 18 temps above the coverline.   I may or may not temp again.  lol 
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  • The morning I got my BFP was the last morning I temped.  You'll find plenty of other things to worry about - quit the temping :)
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  • I don't plan on temping once I get a BFP because with my missed miscarriage my temps stayed high. So I think I will just worry to much. Today you are pregnant.
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  • Thank you for all your thoughts bumpies. I took your advice and didn't temp this morning.
    BFP= 06/01/10; EDD: 03/08/11
    Missed Miscarriage detected 08/03/10
    D&C on 07/10/10
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