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PTSD and new baby

DH just got back from deployment and has been having a hard time adjusting back, which is understandable, but will his PTSD get in the way of taking care of our new baby due in a few days? Has any one had this happen to them?
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Re: PTSD and new baby

  • Has you DH been diagnosed with PTSD?  And yes, depending on the severity, it will affect his ability to care for a newborn. Sounds like you will have your hands full.  Do you have access to resources to help with this transition?

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  • I wish I could offer help or advice, but I can only offer a virtual hug. ((HUG))

    DS-11 years, DD-3 years, DS-born 9/15/10, DD-9/09/11
    You're just giving birth now, you're not mother Earth now
  • I haven't been in this situation (I'm the AD one in our relationship) but is he getting any help? He has options. If he's worried about his privacy and doesn't want to see a doc officially, he can call Military OneSource for free, private counseling (for him alone or for both of you). A counselor for the two of you would help you figure out how to deal with this situation as a couple and also what help he needs to get for himself... and if he's worried, with Military OneSource his unit won't be informed.

    TBH, I've done this myself to deal with some issues and they hooked me up with an in-town counselor for free. No one in my command ever knew, which was important to me.

  • My DH was diagnosed with PTSD after he came back from his second tour last year. After a few attempts to harm himself, we realized that we definitely had to do something. He went through months (and months) of counseling and he has come a long, long way. In fact, these days, he's a little more excited about the baby than I am! Even if he is resistant at first, after a few weeks he'll see just how much of a difference it can make. Hopefully you're DH isn't as scarred as mine was, and don't wait for something to happen before you take that next step! The military employs some of the best psychiatric help out there for times like these!
  • Thanks for the advice ladies, he hasn't been offically diagnosed with PTSD, but he is showing signs of it, he seems to get fed up with the baby, and yeah I know he works hard and is tired after he gets home, but it seems like it's such a huge battle to get him to spend time with DS, I know he's trying to make up for lost time with his friends and everyone, but it would be nice if he spent a little time with DS, it's just a huge fight to get him to change DS or feed him.

     We're signed up for email help and books to come in from MOS, but I'm not quite sure how helpful they'll be, I guess we can only hope for the best

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