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does anyone know if this is an ok food?  I feel like I read somewhere it was a no no, but I can't find anything 100% now.


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Re: agave?

  • I have never heard anything bad about agave.


    Edit:  I just googled it and found conflicting information.  I'm not concerned about it at this point in my pregnancy. But, I suppose next time I get pregnant I may do some more research on using it during 1st tri,

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  • I'm guessing you mean the nectar? I have no idea, but haven't heard anything bad about eating it. I hope it's fine, I put it in my tea all the time!
  • I never thought about whether it was okay to use or not.  I've been using it in my tea throughout my pregnancy.  I don't generally drink a lot of tea, but I've been sick a few times and, when I was, I had tea 3-4 times a day for a couple of weeks.  I haven't had any problems with it.  From Googling it just now, supposedly it can cause uterine contractions, but I couldn't find anything specifically saying to stay away from it.  It might also depend on how much you plan on eating.
  • I know agave nectar isn't pasteurized which is a problem with infants. I've never heard of it being bad for a pregnant woman though. It is one of the few sweeteners I'm allowed to have, so I've had it my entire pregnancy and had no troubles at all.
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  • I eat it and have had no problems. I wouldn't even say that raw agave would be an issue (but I'm not a Dr so take what I say with a grain of salt). Pregnant women can eat raw nuts/seeds, raw honey and I assume raw agave. Though these things aren't pasteurized they are not at high risk for listeria like dairy products/lunch meats are. Even raw veggies are at risk for listeria, but are we going to stop eating those? NOPE.
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