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Throwing her food, everywhere!

My 14mos old DD was always such a good eater, she ate everything i put on her tray but lately she takes 1 bite of everything and throws the rest on the floor... how do i get her to stop this?!?

Re: Throwing her food, everywhere!

  • Ugh, it is so frustrating when they do that.  My DD has been a thrower for a while, but one way I've gotten her to slow down on the throwing is giving her a fork.  She likes to use a fork like we do, so she's much more interested in eating when she has her own fork.  She still throws things when she's getting full, but it's not nearly as bad as it was before.  GL!
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  • i agree with pp's strategy, my daughter has been very adamant about using utensils lately and will fight us if we try to do it for her (like with yogurt). still, we get a lot of food thrown down, it's a process. and sometimes she is just bored with a meal and is done. i figure meals will continue to be messy for a while, but it's important for her to figure things out.
  • If something gets thrown, the meal is immediately over.

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