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Not happy... (vent and a little long)

So... I think I have been a damn good wife during this pregnancy even though I have been completely miserable throughout. Every weekend I let my husband go out on Saturday nights because he works so hard and that is the only night he gets to do anything. Well last weekend I had asked him to start staying home because I am just feeling very lonely lately and even more emotional. Well he agreed and said thats fine no problem at all, which I appreciated. Well he was off on Thursday so he wanted to know if he could go out on Wed and I let him because I knew he would be home this weekend. Well the freakin weekend is here and he works Saturday but our good friend is having marriage issues and he says he needs to talk... rrrrrrrrr.... I feel bad for the man but my god isnt it freakin convenient that this is happening on the freakin weekend when I feel completely alone and depressed!!!! What about me, maybe I need attention... rrrrrr

He is such a good husband he really is and obvisously a good friend as well, but I really needed him here and he just seemed more concerned with talking to our friend.

Am I just being stupid?

Re: Not happy... (vent and a little long)

  • i'm at the point in my pregnancy where i'm also wanting to spend some time with my husband before baby arrives. he too works on weekends which really sucks for me because saturday and sunday's he works 15 hour shifts!!! =( i don't think your wrong for wanting that private time, just you and him. we as pregnant woman have raging hormones sky rocketing and this is a time where we need our "rock" to rely on when random emotions start pouring in out of nowhere!!

    goodluck :)

  • you need to calm down. if your friend was having marital issues, i'm sure you'd go talk and comfort them, why won't you let him go talk to his friend? clearly he won't have the time to do so after your baby is here, so i'd let him be a good friend to this guy and support him. i'm sure he won't need to be there all day and all night either. plan something fun for another day or go out to eat this week. 
  • agreed. Just tell him it's fine for him to go have a drink with his buddy but you would like him to be back in 2 hours... reasonnable
  • image P0upette:
    agreed. Just tell him it's fine for him to go have a drink with his buddy but you would like him to be back in 2 hours... reasonnable

    This!! Its the best of both worlds, he gets to talk to his friend and still gets to spend time with you. If he isnt willing to compromise then you have room to really get upset. GL!!!




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