3rd Trimester

lower abdomen cramps?

I think I saw a post about this a few days ago but can't find it now...

been having some cramping on the right side for the past 2 days, and today, both sides, almost like period cramps.

Not sure if this is BH or simply the body preparing for labor- definitely felt baby drop a bit earlier in the week... Trying not to read too much into it.

I am at 34 weeks... 


Anyone else? 

Re: lower abdomen cramps?

  • I had a similar experience try drinking water and having a rest not sure if tried already..

    but i had it on left side, and in my back area it was like period cramps as well.


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  • I experienced the same around 34 weeks.  It lasted for almost 3 hours.  Before I called the doctor, I laid on my left side and drank lots of water.  That helped a little.  When I did finally call the doctor she said to call it quits for the rest of the night and if needed take a warm shower.  They eventually went away.


  • I'm glad you wrote this post.  I have been experiencing this for the past 3-4 hours.  They are like period cramps, way down low (in the center now, but started on the right side yesterday), and they come in irregular intervals.  Also having some pressure and what feels like bladder spasms??  I'm not sure if they are BH's or what, but they sure are uncomfortable! 

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  • update: just called the doc who confirm what everyone else was saying: hydration and rest. If it gets worse: hospital and monitoring, if not, all good.

    he said it could be BH or just some early contractions. rest is good, no one wants to go into early labor. But he def. confirmed not to panic, that it didn't sound like it was anything out of the ordinary.



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