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Top 5 cravings thus far

I think cravings are so funny! A lot of these foods I can't even LOOK at now because I ate them in massive quantities in the first trimester.

1. lemons. I would peel it and eat it like an orange when I had really bad MS. The smell/sour taste made me feel better.

2. these nasty salty/sour dried Chinese plums that my mother also craved when she was pregnant with my brother. I ate so many bags of these plums during 1st tri and I don't even want to look at another bag now!

3. Miracle Whip. I hadn't had Miracle Whip since I was a kid, but one week I went through an entire JAR!

4. anything with tomatoes (or contained tomatoes, like ketchup). I made a lamb ragu with 2 lbs. of meat in it one day during 1st tri and ate the entire Dutch oven pot of ragu that day. My husband had nothing for dinner.

5. these Chinese coconut buns that were filled with sweet, buttery, coconut filling. I remember being so emotional I cried when I was eating this type of bun because it tasted so good to me...isn't that crazy! haha

What are your strange/funny cravings thus far?

Re: Top 5 cravings thus far

  • jb2rnjb2rn
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    1. Lemonade, which I normally would not think of buying. I buy it every week at the store now.

    2. Bagels and cream cheese. Really, the bagel is a "cream cheese delivery device" IMO.

    3. nuts, specifically pecans and cashews.

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  • The only strong one I got a handful of weeks ago was pickle spears. Couldn't be pickle chips, couldn't be whole pickles, had to be spears. weird!


  • 1. Tomatoes

    2. Strawberries

    3. Carrots

    4. Doritos/Regular old Potato Chips

    5. Jelly Donuts (but just once)

    That's in order of intensity too. I have been and am still craving tomatoes constantly! But not in sauces or anything...just cold fresh cherry tomatoes! Yum. 

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  • 1. Fruit smoothies - I have been spending WAY too much money on these daily (I need to start making them at home!)

    2. Chocolate milk (never liked to drink milk before)

    3. Toast w/ peanut butter on it

    4. Salad w/ italian dressing (the kind you make yourself from Good Seasonings)

    Only 4 so far!

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  • Pickles and ketchup  don't care what they came on as long as I got them.   I crave these at least once a week. (I am out of pickles now :( ). 

    Cheese, but not real cheese.  For some reason I like the yucky imitation cheese now like Cheese Wiz and the stuff they serve at the school.  I have stayed away from it because I think it is wierd.

    Salt.  Anything and everything salty, especially on a potatoe product.

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  • Tomato-ey things like spaghetti sauce, salsa, V-8. Bagel and cream cheese like pp said, Cheese in general. Today was weird though, I really want some southern fried okra!
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  • 1.  Any Italian food (even for multiple meals in a row)

    2.  Watermelon

    3.  Potatoes

    4.   Cheese (this one was short lived, but I had to have sharp cheddar)

    5.  Iced Tea 

    1. Salt - doesn't matter weather its from olive, chips, pickles or canned soup - I love me some salt
    2. Bloomin' Onions from Outback -- we've been there for dinner 3 times this pregnancy
    3. Smoothies - love
    4. Rocky Road ice cream - and it has to be Edy's light
    5. Suckers - either tootsie pops or blow pops
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  • 1. Cocoa Krispies

    2. Cheese -- mozzarella, Brie, even slices of American.

    3. Fruit, particularly strawberries 

  • Surprisingly, I haven't had any cravings yet.  Here's hoping they don't start either!
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  • I have been craving

    1. Ice cream sundaes

    2. pepperoni slices and cheese

    3. pickles

    4. fruit especially red seedless grapes and watermelon

    5. garlic knots

  • In no particular order, because my cravings come and go, here are the most prominent: 

    1. Supreme pizza with all the toppings

    2. Root beer

    3. Random things I would normally never buy at the grocery store. For example, hot dogs, chips, oreos, icee pops, and starbursts.

    4. Cereal. I seriously crave it at night and can't wait to wake up and have some for breakfast.

    5. Meat...preferably in the form of cheeseburgers or mexican food. I am definitely not low on iron.

  • 1.  Anything with fried onions, namely onion rings style

    2. Mexican food - I think it's a melted cheese thing.

    3. Chocolate milk - I hated milk before I became pregnant.  Now, I buy a 1/2 gal of chocolate whenever I'm at the store.

    4. Decaf earl grey tea - this replaced coffee for me, so now I can't function without a mug of it.

    5. Stereotypical, but pickles - the amish market by my house has the best homemade pickles.  God, I could eat the whole barrel of the onion pickles. 

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  • HarperKHarperK
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    1. Sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches, on whole-wheat bread, with spicy mustard. For a while, I was eating these for breakfast. Yep.

    2. Fresh pineapple. Just had some for dessert!

    3. Macaroni and cheese. I ate this for about seven days straight, until one day it destroyed my stomach and I haven't eaten it since.

    4. Tofu tacos. They taste better than they sound, I swear!

    5. Gatorade. Specifically, the red kind. For a while, I made sure I had a bottle of this on me every time I went out.

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  • This is making me hungry!!  I haven't had any major cravings so far.  We shall see.
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  • 1. Lemon Water

    2. Pears

    3. Mangos

    4. Pickles

    5. Honey Roasted peanuts (like a can a day)

    6. Cranberry Limeade from Sonic

  • PiperSPiperS
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    1. Tomatoes (tomato salad, tomato sandwich, pizza with tomatoes....)

    2. Watermelon (I ate a whole one in three days)

    3. Freeze pops

    4. Chips with salsa and guacomole

    5. Pizza


  • 1.  Very cliche I know but pickles is a big craving for me right now!

    2.  Bagels and cream cheese like pp have said

    3.  Salad with balsamic dressing

    4.  Fruit smoothies and water ice

    5.  Sushi but I have only indulged once with a few cooked rolls!



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  • 1.  cereal

    2. pasta

    3. pizza

    4. tacos

    5. salad 

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  • I don't really have cravings although someone posted on my local about soft pretzels and nacho cheese and I did run out to get that.  Sweet stuff hasn't sounded very good, so I'm leaning more towards the salty

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  • image Cherylleann:

    Cheese, but not real cheese.  For some reason I like the yucky imitation cheese now like Cheese Wiz and the stuff they serve at the school.  I have stayed away from it because I think it is wierd.

    Unfortunately, me too.  But I have indeed not stayed away from it. Embarrassed

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  • 1.  Squirt- or some other type of grapefruit soda.

    2. Comfort food- like stuffed chicken breast or mashed potatoes.

    3. Clementines 

    4.  Peach yogurt (I don't usually even like peach).

    5.  McDonalds Sweet Tea (this was big with my first pregnancy too).

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  • First, can I mention how much I am enjoying this thread?  It's fun to see what everyone is craving.

    1. Cheeseburgers with extra pickles.  I craved these all through my first pregnancy too.  When I told my husband I was craving these before we found out about this pregnancy, we both knew something was up.


    2. Mexican food.  


    3. Turkey and tomato sandwiches with mustard and potato chips on the side.  I tend to crave specific meals.


    4.  Eggs with sharp cheddar cheese melted on it.


    5. Apple pie.  I have yet to give into this craving. I don't have the energy to make an apple pie, but I really don't want a store bought apple pie.  Maybe in a few weeks when summer vacation starts my husband can watch our son so I can make a pie.

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  • 1. oj. 

    2.  noodles with pretty much any sauce.

    3. plain bagels with a lot of plain cream cheese.

    so far, everything else i crave, i crave once. as soon as i satisfy it, i dont really want it any more


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